Financial portal micro potential, vertical site where to go

Abstract: the three major portals, Baidu, QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, including today’s headlines, such as those who have mastered the right to assign the flow of the platform have been devolved to the media". And whether this is not the victory of the content producers, but as a channel distributor no longer have the sole right to speak has become a fait accompli.

comprehensive financial portal now than ever before, Sina chief editor Chen Tong quit as a symbol of the portal era past, Sohu recently shouted to privatization, because of the long-term "undervalued", the financial channel "under the banner of the natural skin does not exist maojiangyanfu"; known as the "China the financial portal website" the early in 2013 announced the establishment of financial information based on the Internet financial channel, has become one of the layout of Internet banking financial websites; another listed as the first domestic financial website Oriental wealth is actively seeking transformation, frequently layout of the financial sector, even the slogan changed to "committed to the establishment of a one-stop financial services do the largest brokerage platform". It is the proactive financial portal into Internet banking, not agree on "internal and external financial portal industry suffered the embarrassment of the ceiling to survive". read more

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Jingdong to buy and domestic electricity supplier or set off a short domain name dispute

Admin5 webmaster network June 20th news yesterday, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong confirmed in Sina micro-blog mall has purchased and short domain name. At present, two domain names have jumped Jingdong mall home. Although Jingdong did not disclose the specific purchase price of two short domain names, but from the short domain name market prices should be cheap. There have also been rumors Jingdong to Beijing state network Sun Meichao acquisition of single digital domain name, the price of between 300-500 million. In 2011, Jingdong has acquired Larry domain, the estimated price of not less than 3 million. The ICANN released information indicating that the Jingdong for the mall ".Shop" new top-level domain, but the domain name suffix hot, from a total of 9 enterprises to apply, is expected to take a Jingdong if this domain will cost far more than $185 thousand in cash. read more

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Ma Yun repeated setbacks entrepreneurial dreams

not ordinary juvenile

when I was 12 years old, I became interested in learning english. Every morning, no matter the wind and rain, I would like to ride a bike for 40 minutes, to a small hotel in Hangzhou, West Lake to learn English, this is the study of the past 8 years. At that time, China has gradually opened to the outside world, many foreign tourists to Hangzhou tourism. I used to be a free tour guide for them, taking them around to practice English at the same time, the 8 years of study has changed me deeply. The knowledge that foreign visitors bring to me is very different from what I have learned from my teachers and books. I am beginning to have a more global perspective than most people. read more

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Statistics last year, the total e-commerce transactions exceeded 16 trillion

in 2014, the National Bureau of statistics on e-commerce trading platform (referred to as electronic business platform) e-commerce transactions conducted an investigation. Statistics show that in 2014 China’s total e-commerce transactions amounted to 16 trillion and 390 billion yuan, an increase of 59.4%. Among them, in the enterprise business platform (referred to as pure proprietary platform) on the implementation of the transaction amounted to 8 trillion and 720 billion yuan, an increase of 65.9%; in the provision of goods or services trade business platform for other enterprises or individuals (hereinafter referred to as the pure third side platform) on the implementation of transactions amounted to 7 trillion and 10 billion yuan, an increase of 53.8%; in both there are third parties and platform (referred to as self mixing camp mixed platform) on the implementation of the transaction amounted to 660 billion yuan, an increase of 41.1%. read more

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Bubble network jurisprudence was investigated 48 sites with the collective reflection of how to make

recently, the press and Publication Administration issued a notice of 27 pornographic mobile phone games and Flash games spread on the 48 involved sites were investigated, including, Symbian mobile phone network, mobile phone smart home website for its products, mobile phone forum and K-Java forum column for pornographic game download service is the press and Publication Administration investigation. From November last year, government crackdown on network anti vice has been increasing, the investigation of 48 sites, is the regulation network jurisprudence again "sword". read more

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2014 Chinese electricity supplier keyword TOP10 listed the hottest fake the most attention

2014 is in the past, 2014 people can also have eye-catching things you remember? Whether it is popular on the abuse of all chips, or more and more people doing "derivative", these words seem as "fake" eye-catching, because from Ali to the relevant departments are fake. Although the "fake" this time hot enough, but compared to the "listing" of the word, but also to the heat was inferior, 2014, regardless of the number of listed companies or the market value, are still the most. read more

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