Fan remakes Resident Evil 2 in Unreal Engine 3 as a learning

first_imgTypically, if you’re learning how to use a new game engine you’ll go through a few tutorials and create some simple games to help understand the concepts and workflow. Developer Rod Lima took that idea a step further and decided to fully recreate Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 in Unreal Engine 3.Lima saw the game remake as the perfect way to learn UnrealScript, the scripting language that Unreal Engine 3 relies upon. The finished project is of such good quality Capcom could pick this up and release it has a HD version of the game tomorrow.Here’s a full playthrough of his creation by Lima:The only thing Lima owns from the project is the UnrealScript files he wrote. The models, animations, and scenarios were all extracted from the original game. Understandably then, Lima isn’t going to release the project for anyone else to play. Capcom’s legal team would quickly pounce on any such release. However, what Capcom should do is consider offering Lima a job, maybe even on the Resident Evil team, as he’s clearly very talented.If nothing else, this Resident Evil 2 remake shows you just what’s possible with the game engines available to all developers today. Lima didn’t even have to purchase a license for Unreal Engine 3 to allow his project to happen. Instead he used the freely available UDK (Unreal Development Kit) and the online learning resources Epic Games provides for UnrealScript.If Capcom isn’t interested in Lima’s talents then he should take what he’s learned and develop his own survival horror game. I’m sure it would do well on Steam Greenlight, or maybe as a Kickstarter depending on what he came up with.last_img read more

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