Xiping high speed reproduction of beautiful scenery in the future will be two outdoor billboards set

"originally in Xiping expressway, State Road 109 along the gap a little, there are billboards six or seven different styles".

some billboards worn, the wind blows, wobbly, is a potential threat to passing vehicles".

"some billboard is not standard, blocking the original road signs, may let the driver go wrong".

"before, from caojiabao airport, most billboards will see the lack of unified planning, the beautiful scenery of the Xining mountains, blue sky, flowers and trees constitute, these construction standards are not a sign advertising a ‘trouble’, a little discount". read more

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Xining daily assessment scores to 30%

in order to further strengthen the Party leadership, the annual target task in daily inspection work, Xining city in the establishment of the daily supervision and examination questions based accountability two approaches, and formulated the "Xining annual objectives and tasks of the daily supervision and evaluation regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation rules").

implementation rules clearly the main responsibility for the daily supervision and evaluation of the municipal government departments, the relevant functional departments. And the provisions of the daily supervision and evaluation of the annual target task of Party building common objectives and main economic indicators, key tasks and projects; the operation situation and target key tasks and the completion of the project schedule, in the daily supervision and evaluation ledger; sent daily assessment inspection team assessment office jointly or by the city Commission for Discipline Inspection, the municipal government the inspection department for tracking supervision and supervision. read more

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Xining limeng name card west area of Commercial Pedestrian Street won the China famous commercial st

Following Chengdu, Xining, West District, Chunxi Road city commercial pedestrian street has become the country’s twenty-seventh was awarded "China’s famous commercial street" streetFollowing the Chengdu Chunxi Road, Xining West District commercial pedestrian street has become the country’s twenty-seventh was awarded "China’s famous commercial street" of the block. In June 9th, Chinese city commercial network construction and management of the Federation Chairman Liang Renkan, director Han Jianhui Chinese walking Commercial Street Working Committee for the Xining Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane award. read more

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The most beautiful people in Qinghai recommended selection activities start

in order to further strengthen the construction of socialist core value system, build confidence, open and innovative new Qinghai consciousness, to further promote the construction of civilized Qinghai, Provincial Committee of civilization decided in mid August to carry out around looking for the most beautiful people in Qinghai ".

the most beautiful people in Qinghai are mainly in the selection process of new construction in Qinghai, make contributions to promoting economic and social development, harmony and stability, especially emerged in advocating and promoting social morality, occupation morality, family morality and personal morality activities with excellent quality, embodies the spirit of the times, show the spirit of the time. Leading the social trends, moving deeds of advanced collectives and individuals typical. read more

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Xining 18 schools equipped with primary and secondary school students psychological counseling Labor

In September 7th, the reporter learned from Xining City Board of education, in order to effectively carry out the students’ mental health education, promote the comprehensive and harmonious development of students’ physical and mental health, let more children to understand the basic knowledge of mental health, to master self-help methods, and self understanding, to adapt to the environment, perfect personality, mining potential, improve learning efficiency, cultivate good personal qualities. This year, 18 schools in Xining City, invest 10 million yuan in Xining, the twenty-first tiger Taiwan middle school, social practice base, students first occupation school students psychological counseling laboratory equipment.

after preliminary investigation and evaluation, series of psychological instruments and data analysis software by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of education developed by East China Normal University, this software has strong pertinence, simple operation, advanced the concept of scientific, objective and reasonable analysis results of test data, realize the self evaluation and training of psychological quality, and has passed the patent certificate of the Ministry of education. In the psychological laboratory construction process, the City Board of education unified planning, unified design, unified configuration, construction of the psychological testing room, music room, relaxation counseling room, counseling room, sand catharsis room, group activity room features 8 rooms. read more

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Eco tourism a new engine of national economic development

chase kite ditch scenic and beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, her "nature Tianranyangba" reputation is more prestigious. The past, here is the deep mountains and forests, "No one shows any interest in today, has become a tourist resort in mind". When the ecological resources have been protected, "natural wealth" has brought a fiery "ecological economy"". Chase kite Valley Tourism blowout scene is just a microcosm of Datong Datong County Tourism in recent years, relying on the rich ecological resources, dig the potential of tourism, tourism, ecological tourism has become a new engine for the national economic development. read more

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Clear food exhibition Chinese and foreign enterprises focused on signing 894 million yuan maximum or

In May 17th, 2015 clean food exhibition project signing ceremony was held in Qinghai International Exhibition Center, the exhibition through product display, trade negotiations, technical cooperation, mutual exchanges and other activities, the participants of the thousands of enterprises at home and abroad and achieved fruitful cooperation. On the same day, a representative of the 88 domestic and foreign enterprises have focused on signing the contract amount of 894 million yuan.

the signing ceremony, the largest order flowers Qinghai Yingnu Trade Co. Ltd., food and clothing signed a purchase contract with Turkey Nur Guli trading group, the amount of 200 million yuan. Qinghai budup Investment Development Co., Ltd and Hangzhou Saerhe Halal Food Co., Changsha halal meat dish snow Limited signed a contract to purchase and sale of beef and mutton products, amounting to 36 million yuan and 49 million yuan; Qinghai Lake back to the Institute of medicine and traditional medicine hospital of Tehran University signed a cooperation in drug research and development production and sales of the project contract, the amount of 20 million yuan; Qinghai Telecom 114mall e-commerce platform and settled the characteristics of Qinghai Resources Development Co. Ltd., Qinghai Han Yao agricultural and sideline products limited liability company, Qinghai Sonana Jean Co., Green Valley Reservoir Baicao Ao Seoul Haihan Clothing Co., Qinghai blue Connaught Qi Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Naka Hiroshio the purchase and sale of Agricultural Products Co. Ltd., Qinghai Hua Bao apiculture Co Ltd, Qinghai Haining Food Group Co., Ltd. and other companies signed. read more

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Do not ignore the details of bus services

With the improvement of the provincial capital

bus service, the requirements of the public also increased accordingly. Recently, some community residents expressed the hope that Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. do not ignore the details of the service. diverted to the sign

– live in Shi Po Street Mr. Lin said: "this time due to road construction, bus lines diverted frequently, 1 road, 14 Road, 20 road and other lines have changed. Why can’t you make a sign on the bus stop?" read more

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