Xining rectification problems for the masses to see

Xining City, adhere to the problem oriented, the implementation of the rectification through educational practice always, in the basis of the preliminary check changes on the attention focus on the rectification of the Municipal Standing Committee Special democratic life meeting put forward 10 problems to enact change, handled in accordance with the division of responsibilities itemized claim, a clear mandate to the Municipal Committee and the the responsible units, seriously develop reform proposals, draw a timetable, route map, to see action, effective rectification. read more

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West District of Xining City, 1094 electronic eyes to protect you

October 22nd, the reporter learned from the West District of Xining City, with more and more electronic eye is installed in the high streets and back lanes west area, the number of the west area of robbery and theft case was significantly reduced. Especially this year, the West District, the district government funded, in the important part of the installation of high-definition video probe, the police detection rate is also increasing, people’s sense of security to further enhance.

in the west area of comprehensive social service management information command center on the big screen, there are street social service management information platform, three-dimensional map and street video surveillance, on the 13 Main Street area and 89 lanes to monitor 1094 eye full range, where once there is a problem, the staff will be video the first time to know and feedback to the relevant departments. read more

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The first water reuse project officially put into operation

September 12th, the city’s first recycled water plant and Asia silicon industry (Qinghai) Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract for renewable water supply, marking the city of Xining and the province’s first water reuse project officially put into operation. According to the water supply contract, there will be 2200 cubic meters of renewable water sources into the Asia silicon industry (Qinghai) Co., ltd.. The first recycling plant officially put into operation, which can reduce the supply of the water resource load, can also reduce the water pollution load, the improvement has very important significance to create a national environmental protection model city Huangshui River Basin water quality, Xining city. Xining reclaimed water reuse project is one of the key projects in the city "water into the city" project. With the rapid development of economy, the increase of population and the expansion of city scale, the shortage of water resources and serious water pollution have become the main bottleneck of the sustainable development of Xining’s economy and society. Therefore, in recent years the city has been vigorously promoting the "water city" project, according to the municipal government "to improve the Nanchuan, start Beichuan, Xichuan planning" work plan, at present our city is the implementation of the comprehensive management of Engineering Nanchuan River, Beichuan River, launched the xichuanhe transformation plan, the project also plans to start this year. At the same time, the city also carried out large-scale interception of sewage and other pollution control projects, is committed to the people of Xining, a clear mother river. The city’s first renewable water plant is located north of Bayi Road, Xining City, third sewage treatment plant in the Southeast side. Covering an area of about 30 acres, the total investment of the project is estimated to be RMB 144 million 300 thousand yuan. Third projects to the sewage treatment plant effluent as a source level B, using two sets of the industrial water treatment process, Nissan 35 thousand tons of water, supporting 5.4 kilometers of water pipes, will be mainly used for industrial water in Dongchuan economic and Technological Development Zone; landscape water water Nissan 8 thousand tons, will be mainly used to supplement water lake landscape Ning city greening, water and water for watering road. Can use about 16 million tons of sewage, annual saving of water supply of 11 million 600 thousand tons.   read more

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Western revenue exceeded 1 billion mark

at the end of November, the west area of fiscal revenue of 1 billion 54 million yuan, an increase of 25.9%, successfully crossed the mark 1 billion yuan income. West District, find ways to expand financial cake, many open source keep fiscal revenue increased steadily, centralized financial resources to do big things, especially the number of the province to implement the city’s first big project or the implementation of the investment, has become a true portrayal of the aggregation of financial resources to do something big.

at the same time, the optimization of fiscal expenditure structure, revitalize the stock of assets, optimize the financial structure, the introduction of tax collection, the construction of key projects, investment, shantytowns transformation of comprehensive evaluation methods, and actively promote the "lead enterprises tax increase, attract investment and tax work, efforts to develop new revenue channels, ensure tax revenue area steady growth.
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The province’s three courts will comprehensively promote the trial live

October 24th

reporter learned that Qinghai Province Higher People’s courts at all levels to the full implementation of public hearings, public hearing in accordance with law of criminal, civil and administrative cases, follow the principle of open, not open to exception, relying on micro-blog, WeChat and other media, websites, video on the Internet to form the trial broadcast platform the trial webcast. High degree of concern for the public, the greater the social impact of the legal publicity and education significance of the hearing, mediation and other litigation activities should also be webcast. read more

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Xining Railway Public Security Bureau launched a special action to combat ticket traffickers

January 15th, the Xining Railway Public Security Bureau began to deploy special operations to combat ticket dealers, while the joint pursuit of criminal suspects, to ensure the smooth flow of passenger transport and passenger safety. In January 17th, the Xining Railway Police Department investigation team police boarded the votes by Xining to Chengdu 1050 times a passenger train ticket to carry out investigation, found 5 tickets two passengers to buy a fare phenomenon, to work immediately on the same day at 14:30, in a hotel near the passenger is to increase 37 yuan a day selling 1 Xining to Chengdu 1050 a hard seat ticket violations meters captured. According to the relevant provisions of the law on Public Security Administration Punishment Law, the police gave the illegal person an administrative detention of 15 days and fined a fine of $300. During the operation, the police will be on the ticket "faces" cleared up, on the ticket with the registration, accurately grasp the rules and characteristics of activities scalper, strict group tickets, tickets, telephone booking, ticket contract and other ticket agent point link card control, to prevent the inflow of ticket scalper. At the same time, police organization into each passenger train and internal units, stations, freight yard, liquefied gas station, dangerous goods warehouse and other key parts of the key, strengthen fire prevention, explosion proof, anti sabotage work, and the relevant departments jointly carry out the criminal suspects in the hunt. read more

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Qinghai Saline Lake low grade difficult to develop the use of potassium salt Technology Award

From January 8th, Beijing 2015 National Science and technology awards conference came a good news: by the research and development of Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd, East China University of Science and Technology, Ministry of chemical industry Changsha Design Institute of "low grade Qinghai Saline Lake to the development of potash utilization technology" project was awarded the two prize of the national science and technology progress award. In recent years, the province’s scientific and technological achievements have won the national science and technology progress award, which marks the Qinghai characteristics of scientific and technological innovation has gradually been recognized by the state.Low grade Qinghai Saline Lake to the development of potash and efficient use of technology "project for the first time in the world to achieve low grade solid potassium dissolving conversion technology of

" industry, solve the cold crystallization process of comprehensive utilization of potassium salt resources and high sodium carnallite tail problem, greatly expanded the scope of potassium resource utilization, improve the recovery rate.It is reported that in 2015 our province > read more

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Xining City Health Bureau system to carry out thirty-first Jian day activities

According to the Xining Municipal Health Office issued the "love" on the Xining city to carry out the thirty-first "national health city construction day" programme of work "notification" requirements, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau in May 26th with the arrival of the tourist season in our city and the frequent summer trading all kinds of large scale culture sports activities held for tourists and the masses of people widely the public health concern and food safety supervision problems, carried out in order to increase the awareness of food safety, improve the national health literacy "as the theme of the architectural activities in the central square to carry out centralized publicity and consultation activities read more

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Xining 5 days to increase the pressure on the new road traffic increased by 1082

January 9th, learned from the Xining city traffic police detachment, from January 4th to 8, the city of Che Kwun settled in the 5 working days of the new motor vehicle 1082, which settled in the new car in January 5th for a record high of 258. The rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, and further increase the city’s road traffic pressure.

In addition,

reporters from the city vehicle administration has learned that in 2009, the city added new driver vehicle reached 37194, more than 2.1 people, as of now, the number of motor vehicles has more than 170 thousand vehicles, the number of more than 270 thousand people. The city traffic police detachment Li Mingjun told reporters that the city’s rapid growth in the number of motor vehicles, the traffic in our city is the biggest problem facing the parking is difficult, therefore, how to make full use of existing resources and the construction of parking lot parking lot new, efforts to increase the parking berth, the city became an important task for traffic planning and management. read more

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Secretary walked into the community claimed micro wish

May 21st early in the morning, the provincial Party Secretary, party secretary Wang Jianjun came to the small bridge community, to participate in the work of Party members to report to the community service activities for the masses, and research community work carried out. Municipal Committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai to go. Wang Jianjun stressed that the community should remove the bureaucratization of strengthening the autonomy organization construction, and constantly improve the ability and level of service of the masses, to provide more high-quality, more efficient and more convenient service, the real win people’s reputation.

Wang Jianjun into the community service center, issued a "working party report to the community" letter of introduction, the enthusiasm of the staff to handle the registration formalities for Wang Jianjun.

"need a pair of crutches", "want to subscribe Xining Evening News" and "electric massage stick"…… In the community micro aspiration wall covered area of the difficulties of the masses of the micro aspiration, Wang Jianjun long stop, and to ask the person in charge of the community which is most in need of help groups, finally, Wang Jianjun claimed the four Empty Nester, low-income, elderly people living alone and with micro aspiration". He said: the sincere words and earnest wishes of community cadres "community is our common home, Party members and cadres to work in offices, living in the community, dedication in the post, is to often go to the community and the masses, as policy advocates, technology promotion, conflict mediators, opinion polls and the masses of orderlies, listen to the opinions of the masses calls to help the masses to solve practical problems." read more

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