An analysis of the role of profit sharing system in the compensation management of knowledge workers

is becoming more and more important in today’s world economy. There is no doubt that the twenty-first Century is the era of knowledge economy, that is, the era of knowledge economy. For enterprises, storage and management of the knowledgeable employees is the best choice to gain competitive advantage to build the core competitiveness of enterprises in the era of knowledge economy.

, as the most basic content of human resource management, is related to the success of the enterprise to attract and retain knowledge workers, and effectively motivate employees. Therefore, according to the characteristics of knowledge workers, it is very important to adopt the appropriate salary management mode to improve the staff’s satisfaction and enthusiasm. Profit sharing is one of the forms of compensation, which is widely used in developed countries such as the United States and japan. Profit sharing system for compensation management of knowledge workers, and help enterprises to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and the relationship between the maintenance of the knowledge staff and the enterprise long-term stability, is of great significance to maintain the long-term development of enterprises. The definition of />
1 1.  knowledge workers. The definition of knowledge workers in the knowledge of Chinese and foreign scholars for the definition of knowledge workers have a variety of statements 1. Peter, an American management scientist, first proposed the concept of "·", which he believed was the kind of person who mastered and used symbols and concepts, and worked with knowledge or information". Francis, a famous Canadian scholar, ·, said, "knowledge workers are those who use their brains more than their hands when they create wealth" ( ). They add value to their products through their own creativity, analysis, judgment, synthesis and design. Such as management, professional and technical personnel and sales staff, etc.".

characteristics of knowledge workers are different from the ordinary employees is that they have to create value for the enterprise knowledge capital, which makes them important position in the enterprise, become the core staff in enterprises.

1.  2 the characteristics of knowledge workers, knowledge workers have knowledge capital. Knowledge of knowledge workers is an indispensable wealth for the development of enterprise competition. Enterprise knowledge resources include explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, and the knowledge and skills of knowledge workers belong to tacit knowledge