Five well-known snack brands recommended

2016 has been in the past for some time, of course, the Lunar New Year is coming, so we really have to say goodbye to the upcoming 2016. The rooster, 2017 every one can have a different life, as long as you are willing to change. As a food investor, do you have a good idea of how to start your own business? How do you look at snack brands?

the improvement of living standard make snacks are more and more popular, different kinds of special snack snacks also appear on the market, the market competition is very intense, in such a competitive market, there are some relatively popular snacks, here we give a summary list of 2016 snack stores.

five well-known snack brands recommend

week coot

Hubei black duck Management Limited company is a professional engaged in the brand enterprise of ducks, geese, duck by-products and vegetarian products such as the production of cooked meat products, formerly known as "Wuhan century black duck food limited company". The company is located in the riverbank area chenjiaji Avenue in Hubei city of Wuhan province No. 72, construction area of 8000 square meters, the existing staff of nearly 3000 people, annual production of more than 5000 tons of products of duck. The approval of the Hubei Provincial Administration of industry and Commerce in 2008 5 to menstruation, renamed "Hubei black duck food Co. ltd.". Mainly engaged in "week coot" series of products, currently in the urban area of Wuhan has 40 retail shops, a kind of basic all over the towns of Wuhan District, are famous all over Jiangcheng.

Juewei duck neck

Juewei duck neck is the core brand Juewei food Limited by Share Ltd, the secret spices Juewei duck neck well cooked, into Hunan Hunan traditional delicacy combining traditional Chinese cooking techniques and recipes, several years of painstaking research learn widely from others’strong points.

signs of flavor, spicy flavor, fragrance, meat closely, toughness and chewy, taste mellow flavor aftertaste. Black duck flavor, mellow sweet not greasy, spicy, spicy with hemp, hemp with sweet fragrance, bone, make people eat not forget drool with envy. Spicy flavor, rich gravy, delicious fresh crisp, delicate and chewy, every bite is endless to tease lips. Duck in Brown Sauce flavor, aroma, spicy, sweet and salty, crisp, soft moderate, spicy fresh, fragrant duck, full of fresh concerns.


Jiangxi Huangshanghuang group food Limited by Share Ltd founded in 1993, is a livestock and poultry meat products processing food processing enterprises. The company’s main business group has formed products of soy sauce, cooking, barbecue, salad and packaging of the five series of more than and 100 varieties, with fresh, fragrant, spicy, crisp, with a number of subsidiaries. In September 5, 2012, Huang.