Hefei will build a public bicycle system

public bicycle has brought great convenience to people’s lives, so that people see a public bicycle, life has been greatly changed. Ofo and many other people’s favorite bike, to the people of Hefei has brought great convenience.

reporter learned that the city wants to build a public bicycle rental system will be divided into 80 thousand bicycles in, network coverage, the amount of bicycles are very impressive.

according to the plan, the project construction period is about three years, completed in three phases. The first phase of the project includes 600 new public bicycle service outlets, invested 20 thousand bicycles; from the date of signing the contract, within a month to complete the 200 service network construction and put into operation 6000 bicycles; the next month according to the input and 200 service network construction and operation of this analogy until the completion of a construction.

2018 years, the two phase of the project completed the new service outlets, put on 25 thousand bicycles in 2019, the project completed the new phase of the project’s 1000 service outlets, put on a bike of the 35 thousand three.

phone and a card or can be a car rental

at present, the operation of the market share of the bike are in the form of mobile client to complete the car rental return. The new Hefei public bicycle rental system will not only support the mobile client, will also be compatible card.

with a bike, people’s lives are convenient, but also can better protect our earth. In Hefei, you can see all kinds of public bicycle has become a new fashion street, such as the management system of public bike rental, will support wireless (full Netcom 4G), wired communication mode, when the network is broken in the system can still achieve a car rental function and can effectively save network data not less than 15 days.