Chongqing small and micro enterprises gradually rise

relative to Chengdu, Chongqing in recent years is also promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and achieved good results. According to relevant statistics, in the past five years, there have been 410 thousand Chongqing venture onto the road to start when the boss.

to vigorously support the development of micro enterprises, Chongqing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in conjunction with taxation, social, financial and other more than and 20 municipal departments, a total support for the introduction of the micro enterprise policy file 58. Set up 1120 entrepreneurial guidance station, hired 3200 entrepreneurial instructors, forming a network of urban and rural work.

over local tax retained given within two years of financial incentives for micro enterprises, has accumulated financial incentives cash subsidies to 165 million yuan. Meanwhile, the city has issued a total of 18 billion 114 million yuan of micro enterprise loans, effectively alleviate the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises, financing your problem.

Micro enterprise

The successful landing in Chongqing Stock Exchange Center

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