Express afternoon tea market

now no matter what kind of business to invest in a business, only really have to operate the market, so that the business can do longer, can bring more wealth for investors. The combination of the current venture market, express afternoon tea business is undoubtedly a big market, which is worthy of choice for investors.

Helen in Shanghai, Lujiazui, high-grade office building in the office, two or three p.m. every day, when the storm hit the meaning of the most eager to be an afternoon tea in the middle of the day. A common salary in the vicinity of "high-end shops" "high price" contrast appears some small, very not easy to find a willing delivery dessert, but anything less than six or the waiting time too long and can only give up.

in the CBD Financial District in the three years of work, Ji Xiaoyang also often encounter similar embarrassment – a single table on the table with a dozen dozen, but the lack of door-to-door tea service.

there will be opportunities for demand.

so, the afternoon tea business into the office, became entrepreneurs Ji Xiaoyang who aimed at a Nuggets business opportunities.

lock collar business

working day at two or three in the afternoon, from the Shanghai world financial center, the office of the building on the ground floor, take the elevator to the first floor of the convenience store to buy a snack and then return to the seat of the time how long?

about 30 minutes, Ji Xiaoyang had done calculations, afternoon tea rush hour, take the elevator to wait, pick things to wait, buy things, etc.."

he founded the afternoon tea Express brand "downstairs 100" will be how much time will be white-collar reservation products to the Shanghai world financial center, floor 38?

orders from the Internet to the door, Ji Xiaoyang down, basically can guarantee no more than 45 minutes."

"100 downstairs" established not long, cakes, and other baked pastry provides afternoon tea products gift box, not the line entity stores all orders all through the website or phone order. Read in the United States during the MBA, Ji Xiaoyang in the planning of white-collar afternoon tea business plan, after returning home, he was the first target locked in Shanghai, Lujiazui.


" downstairs "two words from the office, the white-collar life concept, this group of people is our target," Ji Xiaoyang added, "homophonic" 100 "is easy buy, the same is to provide consumers with the most simple shopping experience." Today, Ji Xiaoyang has two warehouses in Shanghai, Pudong and Puxi, are located in the core business building is only ten minutes drive range.