College students are most likely to succeed in several major projects inventory

for some college students entrepreneurs who, when entrepreneurs choose a suitable entrepreneurial project is a very important thing now, entrepreneurship has become very common, there are college students venture what good can choose?

game room

table football popular in Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia has 20 years. Table football game room show there is a table tennis table only half the size of a football field, the player can be divided into 2 or 4 people playing at several pieces of iron through both sides of the joystick to control the venue of the striker, defender and goalkeeper, or pull, or rotation, or stopping the ball, dribbling, or or shot to complete the game. Rent 20 square meters of housing for the store, the monthly rent of about 600 yuan, the purchase of soccer table 5, 1600 yuan each, apply for business license and business license of 1000 yuan to buy a set of tables and chairs for 500 yuan, 1 to keep the station hired laborer, the monthly salary of 400 yuan, total investment in 10 thousand yuan.

Analysis of

has just appeared on the market of the newspaper "news personality wedding wedding and wedding magazine". In "the wedding news" as an example, this is a "DIY editor" by the groom’s wedding newspaper: double-sided coated paper printing news headline is the news of their marriage, not only have the wedding, declaration of love, love story, there are parents, relatives and friends entrusted with blessing, wedding and life, zheshiling bride or friends surprise. In addition to print a marriage good news, has now become a fashion magazine hero is no longer a dream. See in fashion magazines in bright, very star posture models, many people will envy, which also led to the Internet "fashion magazine DIY" market.