The food industry in Xiamen is awesome to open a new era of Xin Crescent

in our daily life as our basic food, the people are indispensable every day, of course, in the purchase of food, of course, the quality of rice will be more favored. In October 29th, the "2016 Xiamen ten meters and the first golden rice king contest successfully concluded, this important docking platform cited grain into the mansion", introduced a number of food industry leading enterprises inside and outside the province of Xiamen city. In competitions, Xiamen Heron card this old brand with a high support rate and good score, winning has become the focus in the enterprise.

in this contest, wide acclaim and support of Xiamen City gold Xiangsui rice Co. Ltd., Xiamen Xin Crescent "Heron card the general public and the judges, with the highest number of votes 280 thousand votes, boarded the" most popular brand "rice" throne". In addition, the company’s comprehensive strength in the evaluation process also stand out, get a comprehensive evaluation of the overall strength of the company’s first good results.

there is a phenomenon, 20 years has not changed, that is "Xin crescent streets and lanes for having heard it many times" and "zhenzhumi" — the two kinds of rice, almost can "dominate" the old people of Xiamen rice taste preferences, from the beginning of the 20 years ago, a housewife who talked about the Xiamen Heron card "Xin Ma" Xiamen Heron card "pearl rice" in Xiamen almost became the "cooked rice" and "Rice porridge" synonymous.

this market preferences, in order to start from Xiamen Heron brand — in fact, it is Xiamen Heron card, Xiamen small package of food market "open the door", we finally eat the rice brand!

open innovation era:

Xiamen Heron card "Xin Xiamen Crescent" opened the small package of rice fresh air

in the city of Xiamen food industry, there is a All the world knows. "food family, food and it’s fate has been for hundreds of years, they ran the Quanzhou Jinsui and Xiamen gold Xiangsui two companies, holding the largest grain market resources in Fujian province. Lin Binbin is the chairman of Xiamen City gold Xiangsui industry limited company, she always put the word in the oral, that is real.

the time pointer back to 20 years ago, state-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in Fujian Quanzhou Jinsui rice Co. Ltd and Xiamen grain group jointly set up Xiamen grain group Jinsui rice Co. Ltd., Xiamen Heron brand series of small package of rice was born. Xiamen Heron brand series launched a small package of rice, Xiamen rice bulk consumption over the history, the grain market has entered a new era to buy rice will buy small packaging brand meters.

Lin Binbin described the memory of this is the memorable overnight processing of small packaging rice when the roar of the machine.