How to successfully operate beauty franchise

now the whole domestic beauty industry comprehensive development, at the same time some good cosmetic project has also started the beauty shop business is becoming more popular, there are a lot of people are paying close attention to the beauty of the market.

Amy is a female friend of nature, as the saying goes: no ugly world, only lazy woman, this sentence is all right. In this way, there have been more and more beauty stores in the market, but also a place for women to consume.

so how to run a beauty shop? Shop business is naturally cannot do without the hard work of the staff, Xiaobian today to share some human resource allocation about beauty franchise problem for everyone, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

1, the efficiency of quota method. According to the labor quota calculation method is applicable to all staff, can use the labor quota production work jobs or posts.

2, according to the number of devices and equipment personnel service must be started to fulfill the production task, calculation method of the preparation of personnel according to the capacity of single equipment.

3, Manning method according to Manning standard, work frequency and the number of jobs to calculate the allocation of human resources.

4, the proportion of fixed proportion to the number of quota method is the method of service object based on standard personnel proportion calculation method with the preparation of human resources.

5, staff duties act duties according to the organization staffing method is established and its scope of duties, and cosmetic stores within the business division and responsibilities to determine with the method of human resources. The main factors affecting the capacity of a job is the level of management; two is the organization and division of labor; the work efficiency is three. In the actual management work should strive to improve the quality of personnel, emphasize one more than one job, simplifying business procedures and the routine work procedures, standardization.

entrepreneurs when operating beauty stores, distribution of human resources for the industry is to make this industry entrepreneurs more handy in business time.

In fact, for many


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