Drop out to start a business earned first pot of gold

a person’s character is often decided on the fate, this point is really not false. "My character is better to reign in hell than the tail. You let me go to work, not for me. I think this is a decadent life, fighting spirit, passion are gone, I still want to go anyway."

finally bite the teeth, take half a month living expenses more than and 100 yuan to buy a suit. Unexpectedly, this security allowed him to the door, but also to help him contact in charge of marketing planning. Through conversation, he found a lot of work in fact there are leaflets, the opportunity to recruit part-time college students. "Why don’t I go and serve these students and provide clues?." A sudden idea let Li Jun thought has changed. He said, at least I can’t cheat students.  : "is to earn hard work, eat the difference."