What is the National Day golden week sales opportunities

Mid Autumn Festival has passed, after a round of consumer frenzy, seeing the National Day is coming, once again ushered in a new boom. After all, the eleven small holiday is coming soon, people like to travel in the small holiday these days, which gives us a very good business opportunities for retail businesses. Due to the increase in the number of tourists around the retail business is better than usual, especially those who are next to the road or near the scenic retail stores.

but now retail innumerable fierce competition among each other, and how to make these local or foreign customers into your shop shopping? I operate the supermarket for more than a decade, with eleven long holiday sales experience, now write to share the majority of tobacco online counterparts.

specialty to attract customers into the store

every place is the local people proud of things, called native. Foreign tourists, came to the local tourism, in the back, especially like to buy some local specialty to go back, or to bring family, relatives and friends, or to bring friends, colleagues. As the saying goes, want customers to think, anxious customers anxious. Since the tourists love to buy souvenirs, then our retail businesses should be "psychographic", with local specialty products to attract tourists into the store shopping. For example, our native Heilongjiang: ginseng, pilose antler, black fungus, Hericium Mushroom, hazelnut, etc..

in the eleven gold season, I opened a "local area" in the store, the native acquired all shelves sales, and set up eye-catching signs outside the shop, let the tourists in the past all the way to see "native" sales ". If tourists want to buy local products, will stop the car into the store to pick up the purchase. Over the years, every year I went to the mountains to buy local products, and then carry out small packaging in eleven sales.

with the native attracts tourists from different places into the store to buy, eleven period, I shop native products sold a lot of light, selling souvenirs will earn a lot of money, but also to store other merchandise sales, merchandise sales doubled than usual. So, in the eleven period, we must prepare some retail businesses can represent the local characteristics of local products, with the characteristics of local products to attract customers into the store shopping, can play a multiplier effect on sales, do not believe you try this eleven.

charging business to attract customers into the store

is now the era of electronic technology, people go out to travel, everyone with a cell phone does not say, and some even with other digital products. These electronic products are electric, phone, camera, mobile phone and other electronic products to make electricity quickly disappear. At this time, if there is a shop for mobile phones and other electronic products charging business, I believe it will be very popular