The dead group purchase website is not worth recalling the martyrs


again group purchase website? First of all, the new year is coming, there are a lot of group purchase website information mailbox; second, I have never seen so fast growth, death is so fast as the Internet industry as a short and beautiful Epiphyllum.

a brief review of this concept is the process of group purchase website, outside coming from the country, country to foreigners are the stuff of holding "foreign monks chanting" concept, say imitation or copying it, but ignore the two questions. The first is the environment, foreign and domestic consumption environment itself there are differences, especially the network consumption concept, people also figure fresh and cheap, easy to generous new things to make excessive demands; second is the concept itself is very fuzzy, foreigners are not clear in the case of domestic the business enterprise will put up a pageantry engage them, do not think things are difficult.

from the first group purchase website to later "thousand group war", China electricity supplier to the world a dauntless spirit of sacrifice and struggle spirit are not afraid of death, like investment group purchase is a trend, more money is be nothing difficult (such as city share trading network). This fanaticism, said to be the desire for money, it is better to face the problem, as if not to buy a group of outdated. Facts have proved that the lack of reason in economic activities, will not be successful.

Internet industry pioneers are heroes, regardless of success or failure. But the dead group purchase website is not worth recalling the martyrs. The reason to say so, but also to combine the process of buying a large number of domestic websites to die. Note that my point of view is not necessarily correct, but also welcome you to correct me.

has been to several group purchase website interview, at first glance to be shocked, hundreds of thousands of square meters of office environment, a computer display row flashing, thousands of office scenes, and do not say to those on the wall of the brightly coloured paper pasted stunning eyes, those thrilling slogans also makes people relive over the early years of the Chinese fanatical mentality.

buy site has experienced a rapid expansion period, a project to get the investment, the first thing is to find a large office environment, and then began a wide range of people. Is it really necessary to do that anyway anyway, so should I?. I can not say that this is right or wrong, I only know from the perspective of enterprise development, the establishment of the system is the first, and then the formation of corporate culture, and the size of the enterprise is also gradual. You can’t expect to hire a person to come into the fight immediately, at least the necessary environmental awareness and staff training is necessary.

Buy mode was very novel, but the specific operation process is not complicated, especially some of the localization of commercial projects, it is simply not in a simple business cooperation. Remember that a group of people in charge of the site to talk to me, the most mentioned is the next phase of the company to recruit the number of people. Many people is a good thing, at least to solve the employment problem, but many people can do a lot of things?