Apple or access to.Apple brand exclusive top-level domain suffix

here is not just Apple, apple is here as a representative of the world’s leading brands, in addition to.Coke,.Marlboro may appear in the whole world of the internet. The reason is that the ICANN, the internet name and address allocation agency, is expected to adopt the "top-level domain name" policy at a board meeting next Monday in singapore.


is currently the world’s Internet only 22 top-level domain name (gTLDs), such as.Com,.Org and.Info, etc., plus the addition of 250 national domain names, such as.Uk or.Cn. If the ICANN passed the draft, the world’s top domain names will be increased by hundreds, such as.Apple and.Nike, etc..

this is an excellent opportunity for the major brands of online domain control, ICANN closed for many years is expected to be broken. If used properly, this.Apple domain name will make it easier for people to visit Apple’s website, and those who can not apply for the use of the brand is a tangle; of course, this will also bring some network risk.

similarly, search engines such as Google will change in the future, the major search engines will need to improve the recognition and retrieval of this brand domain name.

industry insiders said that this change is a huge benefit for big brands, and suggested that the major brands make good use of the opportunity to purchase their own exclusive domain, the price of $185000, individuals and organizations need to submit the relevant legal certificate before they can buy the brand exclusive domain name, ICANN will allow hundreds of professional consultants who are eligible to have my exclusive domain name.

on the whole Internet world, meeting next Monday will be a major turning point, whether on the "brand" of the exclusive domain can pass, what is your opinion, at least Reuters reports have suggested that pretty close. And what are the brand names in my house,.Haier,.Lining or.Qq?