Adsense network broadcast Tencent Shanda literature WeChat shake a new function exposed

1 portal micro-blog war has been off: Ma Huateng, Ding Lei did not play, and will continue to adhere to when  ?;


this is not surprising, following the withdrawal of micro-blog Tencent business, NetEase is also announced the closure of micro-blog business.

according to NetEase micro-blog page shows that they are to remind users to migrate to micro-blog LOFTER data (NetEase light blog) to save the original micro-blog content. This means that micro-blog will completely shut down.

users want to God on the NetEase the NetEase known, micro-blog closed nature is not to be missed. NetEase micro-blog recently launched "my NetEase and micro-blog these years" topic, NetEase users said "this is the first micro-blog I registered since the last one is micro-blog, heard to shut down, to take a bubble, NetEase, micro-blog, goodbye!"

2 foreign media said China’s outbreak of the new Mac virus: an application store has fallen  


news November 6th, citing "New York Times" information security research firm said that the China area appeared new malicious programs for Apple Mac OS X system, the program can quickly spread through infected Mac, invasion of iOS equipment, to achieve control of the equipment.

information security research firm Palo Alto Networks pointed out in a report, this is called "WireLurker" malicious attack is so far monitored for Apple users, the largest attack".

WireLurker is currently only for China’s Mac and iOS users to attack, because it has infected the malt App Store, which is China’s third party Mac application store.

3 Tencent finalized the acquisition of Shanda literature acquisition price or up to $5 billion  


November 6th, multi sources indicate that Tencent has been determined to acquire Shanda literature.

informed sources, Tencent will take over Shanda literature, the overall purchase price of 40 to 5 billion yuan.

another insider, the acquisition was finalized in the evening of November 5th, before this, Tencent, Baidu and three fund companies approached the grand literature, Baidu investment department even in November 5th also appeared in the royal company, Tencent and the end result is the last laugh.

"last week still no news, last week said Ma Huateng and Robin Li to determine the bid this week, the grand literature rapidly determine the sale, it looks like the Tencent is given a let Chen Tianqiao can not refuse the price", informed sources.