The nets may take the bait is not desirable from email marketing marketing

open the mailbox, as many as 13 letters promotional messages — including Tmall, Dangdang, Amazon and many other well-known brand website promotion email, I do not have any hesitation, still mechanically repeated before each day of action, all checked after the deletion of trouble, never opened one.

A5 SEO ( with Wyatt team believes that the common feature of these messages is email marketing and email marketing, no creativity, no consideration of the user’s feelings — even though I often buy Amazon, Dangdang is the same, but it is the price discount.

arguably, I insist this for old users to buy books online, Amazon, Dangdang should have more information about the individual data I like books, but unfortunately, all this is not reflected in their email marketing, or related books are too much (such as children’s Books) – "too multi choice is no choice, or completely stereotyped bestsellers, annoying, not tailored according to individual needs so as not to do email marketing.

compared to those not well-known website email marketing is worse, although compared with the brand website, they lack mail audience a sense of trust, trust for their mail audience mood is more urgent. Unfortunately, their marketing messages like these well-known sites, with more than one game is rotten, an ancient brain discounts "seckill" information, the most in the email subject to deceive email operators to kick up a cloud of dust, spam blocking, cheat you open the mail, without any marketing planning.

I think, even send these mail marketing they simply do not know what the website is different from other websites selling in what place? They will not consider, as frequently by all kinds of advertising bombing email marketing audience, why did I come to your website (shop)


email marketing is a kind of old tooth out of the promotion, is now frequently used more the size of site, the reason is very simple, because it is effective, "said 26 U.S. military discipline": "if a stupid method is effective, then it is not a stupid method (If it’s stupid but works, it isn’t stupid)".

but also because email marketing marketing this way too old, who will use, we do not pay attention to the methods and strategies, but do not pay attention to marketing creative strategies, it is "the nets, extensive marketing attitude may take the bait" kind of "short-lived business", blindly in order to complete the task completion the task, this attitude will have a satisfactory harvest to blame.

yes, mail marketing costs, but the cost is not equal to no cost – compared with the cost of money, the more important cost is the cost of time, within a certain period of time your marketing can