YAHOO is already 20 years old

[Abstract] in the current CEO Marisa · under the leadership of, YAHOO has corrected many errors and is moving in a better direction.


Tencent science and technology news March 3rd, the United States famous Internet portal, the world’s first large-scale network service provider YAHOO has been 20 years old, in the past 20 years, YAHOO has experienced many dramatic changes.

1990s, YAHOO to provide website directory service and reputation, and quickly became the early Internet users preferred portal website. But it is the collapse of the Internet bubble blow, then have focused on the search engine rival Google (micro-blog) in the fierce competition. In early twenty-first Century, YAHOO’s rapid rise, including an agreement with Microsoft, the use of its Bing search.

in the current CEO Marisa · Meijer (Marissa Mayer) led, YAHOO has corrected many errors, the positive direction of development. But the network pioneer has been very different from the past, it is difficult to return to the use of Windows 95 and dial-up modem good day.

YAHOO co-founder

· David Filo (David Filo); the author, thanks to the user for 20 years YAHOO sincerely accompanied, as follows:

in 1995, Yang Zhiyuan and I started YAHOO to help people navigate the web more easily. We want to set up a set of guidelines. When we started thinking about it, it never occurred to us that it would be a business. It was not until we realized that other people had found their use, that they began to pay more attention to it.

20 years later, YAHOO’s core has not changed. We are still driven by the same goal, which is to provide you with a web site guide. You may not know how much we use our products and share your ideas every day, but we know that we are grateful for that.

science and technology in the continuous innovation, every day there will be something new, as we just started to create the same as YAHOO. But compared with 20 years ago, we are now in a different position, but there are still better opportunities ahead of us. We want to continue to build the products you like, they may help you build a better life.

thank you once again for growing up with YAHOO every day and encouraging us for the past 20 years. I can’t wait to see the new changes in 20 years. (SAIL)