Fu Sheng FuPan cheetah this year the problem of life and death should not be entangled

"what will you do if you go back in time?"

when it has been left to the cheetah CEO Fu Sheng, he said there is a decision I will do, that is more proactive to create their own Vision (Yuan Jing), then this situation will be greatly improved cheetah.


, although we seem to have grown cheetah faster, but also in the area of the cheetah’s own well-known in the field to do a regional reproduction." Fu Sheng said, although this matter let the cheetah survive, but if in today’s perspective, why must be so worried about life and death, and not worry about the problem of their core target


if we can actually lack of money financing, should not tangle their own life and death problems. Looking back on it, I can do it more firmly and more intensely." Fu Sheng said.

behind Fu Sheng said, once the success with tools "sea" of the cheetah once again stood on the transformation of the node software user growth bottleneck and the outlook is uncertain, the mobile advertising business realized difficult, the content of products and direct sales network to build needed time…… Subsequently, there is a slowdown in performance and stock prices fell.

face the challenge, Fu Sheng how broken?

seven points three points of natural disasters, man-made

has listed two cheetah has experienced a long period of time the soaring performance: for example, the first quarter of 2015, cheetah mobile client revenue grew 584% over the first PC; and in the third quarter of 2015, its overseas revenue is soaring 891%.

at the same time, with the CM cheetah cleanup master a single point of breakthrough, cheetah mobile also in the overseas market to build a powerful mobile App matrix.

now, however, the growth bottleneck has challenged the cheetah and stock prices. Previously, because the second quarter is expected to grow only 10%-13%, less than market expectations, cheetah shares plunged by 21.4%.

could not care (price)? "On the first financial reporter Fu Sheng said," but did not care, it can promote my biggest advantage is constantly reflect on why I think it is seven points, three points of natural disasters, man-made disasters."

Fu Sheng seems to be at the core of the seven points of the Scourge: the cheetah had thought there was something stable, the company’s revenue growth.

cheetah growth mainly from overseas, a look at the overall flow of business, two to see the liquidity of each traffic. Now the problem is that the overall flow of cheetah no big problem, but the decline in liquidity.

this is not a question of the cheetah’s user base, but the cheetah’s largest partner Facebook to adjust the advertising system algorithm, the ability to bring to the cheetah decreased, which led to the cheetah over 100%>