Mango before the president of the founder of my hobby network cut the outbound travel market segment


technology news May 4th afternoon news, former president mango Huang Zhiwen last September after the departure to entrepreneurship in the tourism industry, but this time he cut from the field more vertical segments, founder of my interest travel network (, the United States focused on outbound travel market independent travel, and has received the Morningside venture millions dollars of investment.

I am interested in travel to the United States and half walks walks, to destinations in a variety of tourism products, the user can book products including car rental, transfer machines, special events, scenic spots, local offered mainstream tourism products, including visas, insurance, Wifi and other tourism fine products.

new opportunities for outbound travel

outbound travel is not a new direction, but the rapid development of the past one or two years. According to figures provided by Huang Zhiwen, 2012 China the number of outbound travel is about 83 million, in 2013 the annual exit number is 83 million 180 thousand, 2013 98 million 190 thousand, 2014 this year is expected to exit number will reach 114 million people, 2020 will exceed 200 million.

Huang Zhiwen believes that in 2014 is expected to leave 114 million people travel, as well as some water, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourism, if this part of the number removed, the number of real outbound tourists in about 50 million people.

according to the above data to calculate the size of the market: non Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, including air tickets, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and shopping, including 20 thousand yuan per capita is easy to achieve, so that is a market size of 1 trillion. Outbound travel is more than 60% self-help travel, which is the market for the 600 billion self-help.

in the outbound travel costs, the cost of the ticket may account for 30% of the total, so in addition to the cost of the ticket, the real destination tourism market is about $420 billion yuan. This is only the size of the expected 2014, while the next 10 years, the entire outbound travel will grow at a rate of 2 digits.

now I am interested in travel only the U.S. market share, Huang Zhiwen American outbound scale: in 2012 the United States Chinese number is 1 million 400 thousand, 1 million 780 thousand in 2013 and 2014, more than 2 million people, the number is expected to more than 2 million people in the United States this year. According to the U.S. Department of commerce is expected, in 2018 this figure will be more than 4 million people.

is from now on the next 4 years will double, indicating that the U.S. market is very large, it will be a fast-growing market." Huang Zhiwen said.

is still in the mango network, Huang Zhiwen saw this market potential, but in emerging markets, small companies tend to be more dynamic than large companies. Although mango is also promoting the development of outbound tourism, but did not travel to the destination model to do, after all, the company is very difficult to change the model.

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