Godaddy offers $40% in annual revenue for the world’s top porn sites

recently, according to a yinhuiseqing survey, more than 70% of the world’s yinhuiseqing website directly by some multinational companies to provide domain name registration and other related services, providing services for the Godaddy company with up to 38% of the yinhuiseqing website, ranked first.

provides 40% asylum sites, Godaddy tentacles have been to China

survey shows that during the period January 1, 2010 to January 24, 2010, China’s complaint reporting agencies to accept the yinhuiseqing website report, more than 90% of yinhuiseqing sites in the use of.COM,.NET and other domain names. In a total of 285 surveyed more than 70% pornographic websites, the yinhuiseqing website is the domain name registration service provided by the domain name registration company located outside, and by the Godaddy company directly to domestic users for the yinhuiseqing domain ratio as high as 38% of the total reported, ranked in all of the overseas company in the first.

insiders said that Godaddy is providing nearly 40% pornographic websites for China’s umbrella is not too. And because Godaddy publicly claimed not to comply with China’s laws and regulations, these Chinese users in the domain name of the Godaddy registered pornographic website has been unable to deal with, a large number of sites after many months can still be normal access.

porn site every year to contribute $10 million Godaddy

2003, a U.S. company N2H2 survey shows that the number of pornographic web pages on the Internet has reached 260 million. In 2007, there are statistics that pornographic pages on the Internet more than 370 million, about twenty thousand pornographic photos into the Internet every day.

according to the statistics of foreign Internet research institutions NetCraft show that as of March 2010, the total number of sites worldwide has exceeded 200 million (206675938), the total number of global porn sites will not be less than 10 million.

based on projections, the number of pornographic websites from Godaddy company to provide related services is expected to reach about 4 million, 10.69 dollars each according to its.COM domain charge calculation, only this one, Godaddy’s annual direct profit of more than $27 million 440 thousand.

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