Domain name monologue those rare luxury electricity supplier single spelling domain name

to do the Internet people are clear in mind, the complex domain name smashed more advertising, not necessarily allow users to remember. And a good domain name just a word of mouth spread, you can let people keep in mind, and greatly reduce the cost of advertising. Especially in the face of the domestic service Chinese website, if can take a similar "Mai" "Xiu" "Jia" "Xue" these simple single spell domain name, can make a great contribution to promoting the development of the website.

because of the relationship between the length of the characters and the scarcity of resources, the value of a single spelling domain is much higher than the potential of the combination of Pinyin domain name. Although the single domain mostly in the early fight was registered domain name investor and frozen, but last of all walks of life to enable and fight a single domain name acquisition cases occurred frequently, let it gradually emerge in the market, once let the industry of this type of "forgotten in the corner" domain name again picked up the attention of. The net love lead everyone to review, those who make us feel a glimpse of the single spell business domain name: – the latecomers live on registered in 1999, the meaning of a wide range of domain names, one of the meaning of the shopping perfect interpretation of the shopping process, it is very suitable for the application of the popular social networking community now. In 2011, when the outbreak of millions of transactions in 2011, when the end of the year to play, like, like the slogan rushed on the line in the end of May. The domestic electric hot market competition, as a latecomer Hukou is undoubtedly in the snatch, but by virtue of the founder of the white crow fame and scarce nature of the domain name, business concern and media tracking reports have caused all of a sudden, as the site started to open a good start in 2012. – eighteen Wu Yi


do electricity supplier is difficult, do luxury electricity supplier is more difficult to do a single spelling domain name luxury electricity supplier, it seems not so difficult. Serves network seems determined to win a place in the luxury business, not only a large amount of money to buy, it is throwing money, star Yang Mi do endorsements. The influence of the stars with a single fan art spell domain name, plus not bad money like start bombing style advertising, network serves the luxury style of play the most incisive, quickly go in front of all the luxury business, the envy of others., you just let the NetEase is still close to the product situation why wow. – turn iron into steel


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