Publicity to sell a link liar Liu Jie

The black

a PR6 station everywhere selling links, nearly half a month of continuous crime in the forum, the current understanding of the situation has been the victim of about 30 people, has been estimated for the amount of thousands of yuan, some links to buy friends cheated do not yet know,


forum ID413310710 Alipay [email protected]

Liu Jie

whistleblower Yu Lang Lang in 2008-12-9 13:40 report

just two days before the knife killed thousands here to buy 2 connected 50RMB spent second days, the link is now the only people cheated, helpless, helpless in the society and what we believe is, in order to the dozens of money, actually sell their own personality, this kind of person is wrong, no personality complain, too, can only blame themselves as brothers, ah, later to Sassafras bright eyes ah

below the information released under the liar

other fraud Sui QQ:993747040

other fraud site:

other bank information: Alipay [email protected]

Liu Jie

whistleblower two vx2199

your payment amount is $65. The other party will receive your payment immediately.

report three dafengshu

2008-11-17 13:16 report

I guess it was a liar who hacked the website. His own QQ number added to the website home page. And then lie. Has a high degree of confusion. I saw a few people cheated. Site is plus links. Get money after a day off. No one came to the government for the weekend. A liar just from the 2 days to get money. Everybody should be careful.

reports four winmf 2008-11-30 19:09

we care the Sui QQ:993747040, is a liar, and his site is all we care the Trojan Sui QQ:993747040, is a liar, and his.