Site of the birth, subversion of the traditional strategy of speculation

      I just had to write a column about the digital age, "the death of the site (see the beginning of August), then to write this article is about the" web site ".

      the beginning of the life of a popular web site, everything starts with the number of members. A website as long as someone, even if not how fun features will become very fun, even if the design can also be dull play the fun of selling people giggle. All of the current site business plan, so speak froth are actually built on "there has been a lot of people" assumption. Most of the time, these people are divided into two groups, boys and girls, readers and readers, writers and readers, head and team members, teachers and students…… Inside, playing awfully, but it is important that a station, there is no web site a ghost, no group, no other group, chicken and egg "Two Masses" problem of the traditional. Therefore, business plan will be elaborated in addition to these points of interest, must be included in the "First 1000" plan, and venture capital said clarity, "how to achieve the first one thousand people, and retain them? "This is likely to have one thousand people, one million people, one thousand people can let it continue to serve as the onions, garlic and ginger this" spice "on the site, per person per day can add one or two new bookmarks, new works and new comments, new, new disc site let it continue to send food flavor, however in order to attract more users to the next wave of mission, in a lively time. Since the site may be interesting, the site’s entrepreneurial strategy, in fact, has been very clear! Recently, another Internet service for the new website has been launched, "frog pond" (Frogpond), dedicated to the new site "someone". It will all add it to the new site list, users can get Beta test account trial, and leave comments, introduce friends to use.

      now a day out of the site are the valley with every few hours to open a new website "to describe the speed, so the" pond "not afraid" frog ", like" the frog pond "in this early trial, to help the site to find help to predict the direction and make website these ideas have tried a similar leave opinion also includes Spigit, TryBeta, MediaPredict, Avanoo and so on. Of course, this kind of idea confidently, because there are a large number of Web 2 website, is to rely on this flight, when they became the first to be able to subscribe to a RSS blog platform, the first to share bookmarks to the community website, the first label album, they immediately attracted a group called "power users" (power user) special friends come and play. Power users use the web as a life and work hard to play these sites because of their efforts, these new sites immediately