Qihoo 360 that only platform in order to survive is a fallacy, Chinese nternet not less Zhou Hongyi

[IT] Time sharp comment is an internal letter of Zhou Hongyi once again attracted a lively media, after the analysis of the rock heart always feel something wrong where, in the BAT control of the Internet arena, is the only platform company is the future of



China current technology media and the media, about the Internet and mobile Internet, BAT, always always always closely reasoned and well argued, a platform for enterprises, is the whole industry chain layout. But in the swordsman opinion, Internet companies or mobile Internet companies, why must be the next BAT? Even in the United States have Facebook, Google and apple, of course, a batch of Uber Path, this work in the sub field of cutting-edge technology. In the IT Time in recent years with the Internet is not very bright, France and Hongkong science and technology enterprises, there are a large number of the scale is not big, but still full of vitality and valuable business segments, they still live very well.

The status of

China Internet BAT occupy a huge social resources and industrial resources, and they are from the original copy and stifle innovation has now become the acquisition of harvesting industry results from the industry, has the resources and capital in two aspects of innovation Chinese Internet to achieve a new detention in BAT conspiracy, Chinese Internet creativity is a little bit lost, this Chinese on the Internet and mobile Internet development is not what good.

and this, and in 2006, the environment is very similar, when China’s Internet is also controlled by several giants, the entire IT industry is difficult to see the emergence of innovative enterprises or direction.


when Zhou Hongyi launched the 360 security guards, Chinese subvert the traditional anti-virus software industry completely reconstructs an industry, even as Americans to free business model means that and be able to understand, but in the China Internet to copy the American mode is the situation, Zhou Hongyi created the free mode is still great progress, objectively speaking, Zhou Hongyi was not ashamed to plagiarism of the China Internet industry to fight back a little face. After many years, Chinese Internet and mobile Internet industry today, and the number of enterprises in the system using Zhou Hongyi’s


in fact, today, as the global security industry, industry giants are still in use authorization mode of the software industry, but only Chinese market into a free market, the data show that since the industry reached 360, the number of China computer virus has been in a sense with the lowest level of the world.

today, calm down, if Zhou Hongyi had not subversion of the antivirus industry, the security industry Chinese still is the same, free mode would not be so popular in the Internet industry China.

similarly, in the 2010 3Q century war, although the war of 360 and Tencent each