58 Tencent once again betting heavily can hit a O2O Empire

in April 17th, just an ordinary day, but for the purposes of the 58 city is.


head was just open with a fair relationship, the good news came the Tencent investment and investment however, market news, Tencent shares nothing out of the wind.

according to the investment agreement, Tencent will be $52 (ADS) to subscribe for $400 million worth of new shares in the city of 58. This is the last year of $736 million in June and $100 million in September after a 58 pound heavily, Tencent again in 58 betting. Up to now, Tencent accounted for 25.1% of the proportion of shares (the proportion of shares accounted for the total number of shares issued after the total dilution). The amount of investment will be used to two part of the cash portion of the 58 city and Ganji strategic cooperation and the existing equity holdings of the 58 city.

after the investment is completed, the second largest shareholder of the Tencent is still in the city of 58, Yao Jinbo and management team is still the largest shareholder, cash support, Tencent will also be tilted in the flow entrance resources and social contacts level. So, for the Tencent, following a $736 million investment in 58 city, Tencent will target code still on local life service O2O.

make up for the lack of resources, open up the upstream and downstream industry

after the first time last year to accept the investment of Tencent, was asked whether the future Tencent will further increase the 58 stake, Yao Jinbo’s answer is to look at the future development and the intention of both parties.

last September, Tencent $100 million holdings of the city of 58, while the proportion of shares also increased to 24%. Today, Tencent again additional investment to $400 million to subscribe for new shares in the city of 58.

for Tencent, local in its entire strategic layout O2O service life has become an important part of its, and 58 city in addition to the accumulation of a large number of small and medium-sized businesses in the field of information resource classification, vigorously layout in the field of life services O2O this year, heavily invested, the successful launch of the 5 service covers Manicure, cleaning, moving, cooking and other services in the field of high frequency 58 home brand, increase the service life of upstream in the vertical field of the control force, the path to the Tencent localization service category is more extensive, this series of moves for the Tencent code laid the foundation.

do not need to build their own line of the system, while businesses can benefit from a better customer relationship management and more accurate consumer advertising services, 58 city gave Tencent investment sufficient grounds.

on the other hand, the 58 existing both moving and cleaning, Manicure or driving on behalf of the business are strong social relationships based on service. To focus on the classification of information service 58, Tencent QQ, WeChat can bring strong cohesive social services just make up for this shortcoming in 58, more important by Tencent QQ, WeChat and the QQ space entrance, get more quality traffic and user resources through a variety of scenarios, further.