Four good young childhood striving to sing growing with voice technology officially launched

(joint telecommunications agency / Anhui) – recently, deep love and warmth to the children of migrant workers in the nine year school – Hefei Xingzhi school. Anhui province and Hefei City Communist Youth League caring for children of migrant workers volunteer service held in this grand. Anhui provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Wang Xiufang, provincial Party committee secretary Wang Hong, committee director Wang Huadong and Deputy Secretary of the provincial delegation, deputy secretary of the Hefei Municipal Committee Xiong Jianhui, and volunteers, the children of migrant workers on behalf of a total of 1500 people participated in the event. At this event, also marked by the provincial Party committee, province shaogongwei, iFLYTEK and Anhui Telecom jointly launched the "four good young childhood to sing" – Speech Technology officially launched with growth donation experience activities.


event, iFLYTEK chairman, President Liu Qingfeng delivered a passionate speech, and for the province within the scope of the kindergarten, primary school donated 1 million yuan worth of voice smart toys "happy little doctor". The toy products by iFLYTEK research, and combined with the provincial Party committee, province shaogongwei, through intelligent speech technology, the general secretary Hu Jintao put forward the new standard of good young pioneers to the 60 anniversary of the establishment of letter content and "four good young" spirit in games, songs, rhymes and children loved by the form of expression and dissemination. "Happy little doctor" will be accompanied by the healthy growth of children, striving to "four good young partner". The event, the central investment group and Anhui Expressway Real Estate Co. Ltd were also to the children of migrant workers and Xingzhi school donated 1 million of the "Young Pioneers voice collection" and a "caring children of migrant workers home".


activities, iFLYTEK staff on-site vivid demonstration of "talking" sound intelligent toy "happy little doctor", and the entertainment interaction with the students, through the magic of voice technology, and explains the connotation of the "four good boy", and make it grow and grow in the students in the heart. Volunteer activities also launched a "psychological escort", "law and growth", "self small class" and "small chess class" and "happy 61 Day theme" and "workshop" and a series of volunteer service projects and show sympathy.


laughs the joy of music, love the world everywhere. To carry out voluntary service activities and speech technology with the growth of donation experience activities start, convey deep love, in Children’s Day approaching, bring happiness, and with the help of a spiritual baptism for the growth of the children of migrant workers. Take this activity as a prelude to the provincial Party committee, province shaogongwei, iFLYTEK Anhui Telecom will "sing the childhood: striving to be the four good young" – speech technology with growth donation experience activities in the province wide spread. The voice intelligent toys as the carrier, through the donated products and provide product experience, so that "four good young"