Ali to raise money for $2 billion to repurchase CDB transfusion and privatization

After the

fix equity repurchase agreement and B2B business privatization, Ali group is busy raising money.

yesterday, informed sources told the "First Financial Daily" reporters, Ali group has previously and CDB has a $2 billion loan agreement. CDB will provide loans, down $1 billion for a period of three years, and second of the sum of $1 billion for a period of 4 years.

according to a reliable source said, June 15th CDB and Alibaba group loans had a higher specification meeting. Among them, a vice president and chief investment officer of CDB participants, Ali participants for CFO Cai Chongxin and group chief human resources officer, Alipay CEO Peng lei.


said the meeting does not last long, a large number of contacts, negotiations had been completed, meeting the two sides identified as Ali group, CDB will repurchase shares and the privatization of the B2B business loan financing support. Specifically for the two period each $1 billion of loans, the first phase has been signed before June 15th, for a period of three years; the current or has been approved for a period of four years.

from YAHOO repurchase 20% equity and B2B business privatization, Ali group to solve the control problems and ensure that the "One Company" integration plan, promote the key work follow Ali group listed as a whole. The capital is also the key to ensure that the initial repurchase program requires Ali group to provide $6 billion 300 million, while the privatization of B2B business cost of HK $19 billion.

Ali group last year to prepare for financing. The code named "dawn project of the three quarter of last year, they introduced DST, Temasek, Silver Lake capital investors, the agency received a total of 5% stake in Ali group, Ali obtained $1 billion 600 million.

later, the end of last year, Ali group to seek new syndicated loans. Initially by the ANZ bank, Credit Suisse, DBS bank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Holdings and Mizuho bank and other 6 banks led a $3 billion loan, and now according to Ali signed a loan agreement, the participating banks reached 19, $3 billion in loans double file include $2 billion in the 12 month period of bridge loan, and $1 billion for a period of three years loans.

According to insiders,

Ali, Ali and CDB loan program as part of the 19 banks in the scheme. Ali cooperation with CDB is not limited to the loan agreement, according to informed sources, CDB will also work with ALI small loan business in financial aspects of the depth of cooperation.

this has a greater significance for Ali group. Insiders commented that the move will be able to promote the development of Ali’s financial, making Ali has been trying to achieve deeper penetration in the financial sector to get funding and policy aspects of the idea of help.

in addition, the industry came news Ali intends to invest in financing to repurchase. Ma Yun has recently been accepted