How to look at e-commerce hope

in the last quarter of this year, things have started up, from the September tariff adjustment, before doing businesses overseas purchasing but bitter face, no way, the profit is not high, the cost is not high. So, there is a rush into danger man, Xiamen Customs seized a shop with the boss 317 cans of milk to pass through. This figure is not the face Lejiong like


birds for food, people for what? People who have no money to survive and hard work, the rich hall and the emperor said, in order to ideal, for the community. It is not polite to say, if everyone is poor, some people will say that in order to ideals?. Often when people are hungry, it will naturally show the instinct to eat. And when a poor man gets material satisfaction, he begins to pursue the spirit. So, even if those rich people have a lot of dollars, gold bars, will be put into a new round of challenges, in order to money, more likely to meet their sense of accomplishment.

in the business field, is basically the same with the enemy state, the gentle secretly grappling, arrogant constantly shouting, every attempt to occupy the dominant position in any way, even if only be for a while, also feel cool! And because of this, often ignore the self nature of the good.

Internet is a strange circle, do not know people cheat into the watch; to attract people interested in participating in the construction; the rich people spend money like water only for overnight Fang Yan; let the participants directly fall is always half feet still do not know repent and be saved. Because of mystery, no one can grasp its direction, can only predict, can only infer. Like a ghost, everybody talks, but no one ever does. But in the face of great temptation, there are people confused eyes, as people are visible around the opponent, continue to bite, until both sides.


, get rid of the bad competition, don’t quarrel against, but discuss how to detect before, will not be better than some


to today, has been more and more "enemies" to shake hands, do not take your look more and more industries together, as is the breakthrough, at the same time, also hope to be able to spell out a trail in the field of chaos, to open up new roads.

everyone when the Internet is a cake, everyone wants to share a cake is actually the market, when everyone is staring at the cake, often overlooked, the cake can be re manufactured. With its to a small cake, to fight at outrance, why not jointly open up a new market? When a person clutching what time, what did not, and let go, you have everything.

is like a lot of foreign excellent electricity supplier came to our country, but can’t copy success? Why, because of the national conditions, because the consumption habits. Taobao can let the initial lack of knowledge of the online shopping guide to all the people through the Taobao business, what lies in adhering to the direction, but more importantly, they opened up the market. So, success. Now who do not know "Taobao" 2>