nternet 4 era, technology companies have stopped in the era of gender 1

review: in full of macho working environment, the phenomenon of gender discrimination is more obvious. If these industries can not solve this problem, there is no need to attract more women to work in the technology industry.


reported November 5th hunting cloud network (Translation: circle)

technology companies often give reporters some benefits to curry favor with them. For example, large bonuses, designer clothing, mouse pad and other gadgets. As for the vibration bar (adult toys), it was the first time I used it.

a few weeks ago, after a few hours of interviews with me, I saw a company founder in Chronicle’s hall. He suddenly told me that I didn’t reply to his email. That’s why he’s trying to get my attention.

and he spoke louder, while they come up with a wicker basket, the basket filled with some of the things with sexual life: sex toys (vibrator), a jelly (K-Y Jelly), oysters, tequila.

of course, these things have aroused my interest. Strangely, he has nothing to do with his company’s products. In fact, they launched a company can achieve unconditional question and answer applications. No matter what it is, the user can be anonymous to other people’s advice, ask nanny, ask a boyfriend can.

I’d like to know, what is the significance of his choice of these things, is it related to my gender or to his company’s products. All this makes me feel, Blake Francis – the founder, only me as a woman, did not see me as a reporter. Moreover, the vibration bar seems to have informed me of my gender.

in the technology industry of women, even if not a "spice", R & D company joint venture will be because of her dating history without her in important projects. To some extent, this kind of thing happened to me is a kind of progress. In the past, women have been silent about this situation, and now it’s all about the headlines. However, the frequency of this kind of thing is really amazing. Misogyny in the technology industry, institutions have already got used to. I sent an email to Francis, and I want to hear his explanation and ideas about it.


at first, he didn’t want to talk to me. Later, he apologized to me, because he chose something really scared me, I feel very uncomfortable. But he was surprised by my reaction. He didn’t mean to offend me, but he still didn’t understand why I was angry. Francis does not seem to know, sex or sex related topics, things, appeared in the kind of experts gathered in the occasion, how inappropriate.

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