The rapid expansion of online trading channels art refers to the high risk of fakes

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trading platform is a double-edged sword is convenient but like "buy a pig in a poke."

"Xinhua store during the trial operation, invites you to open the basic level of permanent free membership, the sale of collections." Recently, the reporter received a letter of Xinhua net advertising, advertising said: "you can also apply to become a forum moderator, launched online activities more fully. Buy platform: if you have the right to buy the collection, we very much hope that you can become our suppliers. Mall platform: if you are a corporate identity, you can also become our mall partner." In fact, this website is not only art, as the art market is hot, the speed of art channel sales network expansion is soon be struck dumb.

text / chart reporter Lin Lin,

expert opinion

hard to deal with independent Internet art

Guangdong fair auction general manager Tan Lian said, the network sale painting this program she already takes two or three years, but has not put into action, and the reality of the existence of all sorts of worries about selling paintings: "the network is not realistic. The buyers do not really on the network transactions with us, at first glance over our company hangs in the pictures on the Internet, and then to the scene and real transaction." She said that online picture color must have deviation, and their sales works the cheapest to thousands of yuan, expensive amounted to ten million yuan a shrewd buyers are unlikely to see real money before. So I put on the company’s network in addition to painting pictures, or to open a special exhibition hall in the company, for buyers to come to watch." In this "network + scene" mode, the network only played a "window" role.

but this did not make the practice of scouring the Internet channel channel lost confidence. "I bought my own collection on the internet." Most of her is a well-known collection of foreign websites, went to the local people to buy very inconvenient, and the cost is too high, I recently spent about 100000 yuan to buy a more than 100 years ago, the production of the "golden bowl"."

can not say that the network is fake." Tan Lian said, her friends did not dare to buy online art, "that they found the real" goods not board "online post, such as some collections in picture provided by the seller can not see any problem, but in fact there is flaw, so they have to pay extra attention to cope after the transaction occurred the dispute."

Tan also suggested that the seller in the sale of works of art, it is best to ensure true and false. "If not fidelity, at least to show their attitude, such as do security flaws, in addition to specify the best art antecedents, source etc.."


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