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is now the lack of e-commerce is not a businessman, but consumers. A businessman wants to attract more consumers to promote their products. But since the popularity of smart phones, PC side advertising is no longer as attractive as in previous years, a mobile phone, which shows that the mobile network has become the mainstream of the internet.

where there are people where there is business, where there is profit space. According to the third party statistics, 70% of mobile phone users to open a personal WeChat, whose age covers the primary school to the elderly, people of all ages. Up to now Tencent has 400 million of WeChat users, QQ users of 700 million. The consumer is the goal which the enterprise chases, the quantity of the person decides the quantity of wealth.

through the above analysis, I believe you can at least understand a concept, the arrival of the mobile Internet era means. If you want to get more attention and consumption of your products and brands, it is necessary to push your products and brands to the user’s mobile phone.

1 WeChat marketing trends and huge profit margins

WeChat marketing is the biggest marketing opportunity after micro-blog!

Taobao’s first batch of users are a group of students who dare to try, and now they have become a majority of millions, hundreds of millions of business people.

WeChat marketing era has arrived, which has a serious impact on the trend of a trend which cannot be halted, the traditional sales channels. Missed the Taobao era, missed the micro-blog era, do not miss the era of WeChat marketing. WeChat marketing based on the first batch of enterprises will become the future of the first WeChat regal.

2 WeChat viscous and inertial

no one will go to Taobao every day, and no one will brush micro-blog every day – but WeChat can.

First, WeChat

is a tool of communication, real-time communication characteristics determine its use value, the circle of friends sharing social relations instead of point-to-point interaction, which not only is a kind of relationship that is more influential! Is control network based on WeChat!, civilians are also star feeling. Its user viscosity can not be compared to any one product. Micro credit its huge power to attract and stabilize the consumer, consumers are ready, the enterprise is not to come?

The role and significance of

3 enterprise WeChat public account

enterprise WeChat account is a public enterprise media publishing platform, sales information publishing platform, crisis public relations platform, interactive platform, consumer promotion campaign platform, new product platform, product online sales platform, online payment platform, research platform, corporate culture communication platform, talent recruitment. All companies concerned about the needs of enterprises in the enterprise WeChat public accounts can be achieved!!

4 why companies to open, operating companies WeChat public account:

key point – brand, product sales, talent, customer

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