Adsense network broadcast was acquired by Tencent Rumors that 58 city afraid

1 why Tencent acquisition domain way so tortuous  

news April 13th, today exposed a heavy message, the domain name changed to eight digit in today, the domain name has jump 9 seconds community. According to the whois information has been basically follow it, sure that the buyer is Tencent Inc.

by the finding that belongs to, the current domain name for the acquisition of Qinglong figure Network Technology Co. Ltd., a WeChat development community, and corporate shareholders in Qinglong figure is Shenzhen City Tong Industrial Investment Fund Limited, the relevant sources, the investment company is an investment company controlled by Tencent. Why Tencent in such a tortuous way to acquire domain name

2 Tencent market capitalization of the first break of $200 billion approaching Ali Ma Huateng cash 2 billion 500 million  

Hong Kong stocks ushered in a hot market, Tencent shares rose again yesterday over 5%, the market value of about $206 billion 200 million, has been close to the market value of Alibaba in the u.s.. The next period of time, the market value of the two companies may change.

Hong Kong stocks soared, Tencent soared

yesterday, Tencent shares rose more than 5%, the closing price exceeded HK $170, the market value of HK $15984 (about $206 billion 200 million). This is the first time the market capitalization of $200 billion breakthrough Tencent.

3 is a rumor that the market value of 58 city overnight loss of $300 million  

news April 14th, issued to in a 58 city stock offer after the news, 58 city last night, U.S. stock price trend is clearly downward, closing down 6.1% this morning.

58 city shares Beijing stocks last night at the opening of the micro higher, intraday trend is clearly downward, the minimum fell to $49.8, down over 7%, finally closed at $50.83, a decline of 6.1%, the market value of the loss of nearly $300 million, normal trading volume of approximately 1 million 920 thousand shares.

4 how I do not spend a penny to harvest the amount of application downloads 2 million 300 thousand  

this is a App Store the story, iOS developer and AppbotX founder Stuart Hall took only 6 hours to develop a name for the "7 Minute Workout" fitness App, has hit 2 million 300 thousand downloads and huge profits, and in 18 months after the successful acquisition by Wahoo. The following is the Translation:

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