Beijing three people the strategy to improve the online conversion rate of the ten

build trust level:

1 shows complete contact information

consumers always want to get quality assurance when shopping, and ensure that the website they buy is formal and trustworthy. Therefore, the site should include complete contact information, which can improve the level of trust.

2 places your site’s privacy statement in a prominent position

although 99.9% of consumers will not take the time to read your privacy statement, but in fact it exists to increase the credibility of the site.

3 shows the third party authentication

if your company has any third party certification, this means that you have exceeded the basic line of production standards, very good. As long as consumers pay attention to this point, will sit up and take notice of your website, it also can improve the credibility.

4 shows customer recommendation content

user generated content such as comments and recommendations help to improve the conversion rate, because consumers can easily find the relevant issues and other consumers described solutions to the problem.


5 setting "on call" button

at the product or service level, ensure that you have always been the most direct contact with consumers, the most effective action can be taken to meet their requirements. For example, if you do online product sales, you can set the "add to shopping cart", if you provide a service, then set to "call me at any time".

6 shows delivery costs

no one likes unpleasant surprises, especially in the case of the user is not informed of the charges". To provide consumers with sufficient information, including the full price of the product and the cost of transportation budget, so as to reduce the probability of the user to give up.

7 uses high quality images

visual performance is a very important auxiliary means in product sales, second only to the quality of product description.

8 minutes to compare your price

even if you have good trust and a high level of product positioning, but if your price is expensive, higher than the price of your direct competitors, but also help to improve the conversion rate. So we should do research.

9 provides additional payment gateway

some consumers love the use of payment cards, the use of some love purchase orders, some use paypal. By increasing the additional payment gateway to meet the needs of more consumers, increase the possibility of conversion.

10 offers VIP account

it is a waste of money to buy an account only once, if any. You can consider the introduction of two types of accounts, general account and VIP account, but the same kind of payment