Baidu C2C will change our lives

      nearly a week on the Internet commentators, blogs, podcasts are a week the most lively, because a lot of things IT circles, so we have to say, some argue, there has been a curse, the Internet arena, is dead, how can calm you.

    HK listed roadshow hot let it raise the issue price to let Ma from just released Ali 06 years of financial statements are said to boast that one day to pay taxes to save of the face of the tax of $one million. I do not want to comment on this, because I have a phone call my friends and relatives in Hongkong and Macao to purchase the stock of Alibaba. But Baidu’s C2C, I was looking at more than N comments, blog and IT Longmen, want to write their own point of view.

      Baidu released C2C strategy, a time when everyone’s arguments are in Baidu should not do C2C. The Baidu think: do C2C want to occupy the absolute market share from Taobao, the thinnest Tom eBay, snatch QQ users has a huge pat how is not easy, so difficult to face. And Affirmative think: Baidu can do C2C, with capital, with traffic, have some direct team, said this is the community + e-commerce trends and so on. Public opinions are divergent., win is truly exciting, also let me look awfully. But I always feel that these arguments are so meaningless, Baidu is the first Chinese concept stocks, Baidu has a lot of products, and even the future development of IM into the C2C and Baidu are just know, Post Bar a products, these products of Baidu and its strategy to build the future of the community, Baidu and Google has declared himself not only is a search company, without exception, is the direction of the transformation of the community.

      Baidu C2C into good, right or wrong, not to say critics, we can not argue next here, whatever you say, you say the difficulties, or you say good, will be more successful, it will not change in the next year to push out the Baidu C2C deal the platform, Robin Li is one of the few low-key and pragmatic internet success, he chose C2C has its overall strategy.

      I think we should discuss is that Baidu C2C can bring what we can change, we use the search habits, can give us life, what kind of online shopping brings convenience, SOHO can bring to what kind of opportunities and so on. But not blindly emphasized Taobao 70% of the market share, Baidu and Taobao, TOM eBay, pat how competition will be, who will win.

      any one market will not be a big one, it is impossible to have a monopoly, the monopoly of telecommunications and other oil is not in the scope of discussion, now Taobao, TOM eBay, >