Ali and Jingdong different arithmetic problems will affect the pattern of electricity supplier

is a new industry in the mobile Internet era under the background of the pattern, to the center of the open mode is represent the general trend by traffic and shop, monopoly rent business era will become the past, and data sharing, and recommendation reputation and evaluation will be based on the user into the mainstream.


recently, Yunshanwuzhao "Jing Teng plan" and finally in the highly anticipated in the dust settles. Tencent did not like the rumors of mergers and acquisitions Jingdong, but the two sides jointly made an important decision – each with the strongest resources and products to create a product provider platform. In this extraordinary critical juncture, the face like a raging fire double eleven, Ali, Jingdong left a choice, fight the enemy separately, a right choice; a choice of 2 choose 1, a selection of 1+1. This is the two pattern is not the same arithmetic problems, will inevitably produce different results. The author makes a brief analysis of the two arithmetic problems.

2 select 1, Ali to

silencing, from open to closed

in March this year, Tmall will improve the access threshold for business, the name is "experience" for the optimization of customer service better, but it will not in the targeted investment, some brands of businesses shut out. If you are interested in the R standard (registered trademark) businesses, as is known to all, R trademark has exclusive, exclusive, uniqueness and other characteristics, which implies that Tmall to clean up substandard merchant. In addition, clothing and other businesses registered capital requirements is more than 1 million.

although it can effectively control the number of businesses, the rectification of the fake, scalping, but the change in traffic and marketing costs and consumer level, so it is only to protect the top of the Pyramid merchant’s vested interest. In the long run, is not necessarily a good thing.

a few days ago, Tmall issued a notice to the platform businesses, businesses and businesses to prohibit the baby page appears to guide the information to non Ali platform, such as WeChat, WeChat two-dimensional code. This row of his actions contrary to Ali’s open, sharing, equality spirit. Taobao’s success is largely due to its fairness and openness, and as the cat is moving towards its opposite.

market value has shrunk, and through the purchase of shares to enhance the share price

over the past year or so, Ali’s share price has experienced a roller coaster ups and downs. Market capitalization exceeded Facebook and other foreign giants, from the peak of $280 billion fell below the issue price of $about 6000000000, nearly half of the contraction. In the face of Ali lawsuits, Ma Yun and his buddies annoying brain, its CEO Zhang Yong to the outside world by "forget the price, keep in mind the customers", and Ma Yun in the stock price is low, in order to help morale, more is 5000 word letter to shareholders in the form of interpretation of Ali’s future strategy.

for the rich and powerful Ali, "stabbing outside" policy seems to not try "