Promote the use of Happy web site sharing

As everyone knows

SNS website now, be in full swing. The most representative of the domestic network and happy network. So how to use the SNS website to promote your website? According to the imagination in the happy nets Maple website promotion experience, here and share with you, say the wrong place, please correct me criticism, not much gossip said into the theme of

A. find your place

is the most critical step to identify their location, positioning, the value of positioning in the happy network is that you have to find a group of friends with you mixed up. You can pass in happy net in invite friends to join or directly from the happy net to find friends, and a group of their friends and they often maintain, but you on the promotion of the site. Just don’t add that as long as add some friends, then published a few original article can other people to automatically propagate these contents, it is impossible not so simple, this idea is completely wrong,

if this is about SNS, it is a complete waste of time; when you return to God, to integrate into the community, the people may be difficult to your side, is not natural to your web site of interest. People will not forget to mix with one of the smelly copper businessman. So the site will soon be abandoned by SNS.

SNS optimization is the first problem is to join the community, and establish contact with other members. Only after you become a part of the community can your brand be accepted by the members of the community. Only in this way can the efforts be rewarded.

two. Pay close attention to good dynamic

when a friend published a log, you want to go to the shield in a timely manner, no matter how good it is to do comments, comments, as far as possible to say some of the actual words, do not say a circle. And invited him to pull the tone (her) to see their papers, then you can add your website URL address in the comments, so when other people again comments, see your message, you may enter the website. Besides this, you should pay attention to mood and birthday friends such as the most common, can send gifts to friends, in a postscript write a few words to him (her) with its own website link, invite him (her) to see such a high success rate. The effect is not the same.

three. Periodic status update

state of mind to be updated regularly, do not always write the same words. Friends do not feel fresh. Maple regularly change the mood to find one or two classic statements, or deliberately write some of my website URL, to maintain a good friend when he happy landing site, can clearly see the information of all the friends in the dynamic, then you will be there, from happy net in recent visit to measure your popularity.

four. Add a variety of fun applications