Stationmaster net broadcast super mobile phone virus makers arrested Luo Yonghao do not cause a hamm

1 " super mobile phone virus " was a 19 year old student; the initiator of evil for 5 years or less in prison  

"(host name) look at this, http://s.********XXshenqi.apk". If you receive such a message, do not point to open the download, or mobile phone will automatically sending the message, resulting in loss of calls! According to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau yesterday informed, August 2nd, Shenzhen police after careful investigation, only 17 hours on the rapid detection of a suspected case of illegal access to personal information of citizens, making the "arrested artifact malicious programs, illegal access to personal information of citizens suspect lee.

the new express reporter, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom has China for the artifact taken a number of emergency measures, including the implementation of key blocks malicious SMS, WAP gateway URL link interception in the country, and cut off the virus download link path. Currently, the proliferation of malicious mobile phone virus has been effectively controlled.

The Qixi Festival

spoiler and more police administrative micro-blog issued to remind

Mr. Wang Guangzhou main machine

30 year old the day before yesterday morning received a message to a friend, said to recommend a man named artifact of the software. Text messages from the beginning to write my name, I did not want to click on the link, the installation of the software." Wang followed by the installation of the software requirements of the so-called resource package, and try to register.

2 SegmentFault: founder of Gaoyang after dropping out with 500 yuan in Beijing, 4 years to build the largest developer Q & a community  

July 19th, "Tencent product salons: 90 entrepreneurs session held in Beijing, this is the SegmentFault CEO high share content.

Yang was born on 1990 youth day, is a denial of "cramming" of high school and give up higher education "frenzied" 90. With the vision of the Internet, with the 500 yuan Beijing youth, with 4 years to become the largest developer Q & a community SegmentFault co-founder and CEO, organized China largest hacker marathon.

when a person’s motivation is derived from the nature of curiosity, rather than the utilitarian factors of the real society. With the curiosity to lucky, from the beginning to enter the Internet has been stepping on the waves, to catch up with the two wave of shifting social games and the rise of the media technology, China become the largest hacker marathon organizers, founded Chinese’s largest developer Q & a community website. What is the difference between the way he walks, and the world he perceives, and how often


3 aunt do firewood: how two women’s health APP  made a $200 million valuation;