Stationmaster net daily broadcast watercress travel website micro-blog marketing online on suspicion


1 micro-blog marketing alleged illegal fund-raising in oil projects involved in

now micro-blog is not just a social space, but also became part of the company’s marketing platform. Even some under the banner name of PE project in which openly selling.

"today in the first phase of oil Wanshun PE equity investment has been sold out, the second phase starts now. Guaranteed + fixed income rate, the lowest 100 thousand deposit for one year, the annual income of 10%-12%, monthly interest return, capital investment in the Songyuan oil field directional mining project." April 8th, known as the precious metals business Sina micro-blog users issued a document called.

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2 the total number of global domain names over the end of last year ranked 250 million.Cn 7

Beijing morning news on April 9th, the domain name service VeriSign data released Monday showed that the number of domain names of more than 6 million 100 thousand new global fourth quarter of 2012, and as of December 31, 2012 all the top-level domain name following total domain name more than 252 million.

in the fourth quarter of last year the new domain name number compared with the third quarter growth of 2.5%, and more than 2% growth rate over the eighth consecutive quarter. 2012, the number of global domain name registration reached 26 million 600 thousand, an increase of 11.8%.

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3 on the Internet Chinese underground world: hackers, pornography, black PR

Feng Dahui (Fenng) was in the WeChat public account "hearsay" share a "hacker" story, the novel was legendary style, after a lot of people to read said "I can’t believe". Fenng commented: "the people who question may not be ignorant, but things are beyond their reach. China Internet three worlds, things happened in the world underground, on the ground of the people will never know what is going on."

and on the "Chinese Internet" three worlds, Fenng also in early 2012 on the classification mentioned: "in China, there are three forms of internet. One is the media to instill the Internet, to overseas IPO as a target; a low-key grassroots Internet, Denver, such as Velociraptor like tough; a deep underground internet."

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