The first phase of our bidding Wangzhuan station network training

web promotion is a very important communication strategy in Baidu search engine marketing. Baidu union is 60 ten thousand high-quality website alliance, membership site resources abundant, contains a comprehensive portal and 25 sectors of the outstanding representatives of the site; Baidu union technology has advanced directional, through the natural attribute of target users (regional, gender), long-term interests and short-term specific behavior (search and browse behavior) data analysis, which can help the enterprises to the main target population, when the target users to browse the network alliance alliance site, will be fixed, patch, suspension and other forms of business promotion information to show users.


network relying on the world’s largest Chinese search engine – Baidu, after years of careful operation, has become the country’s most powerful network alliance system. In Chinese, network alliance is an emerging industry, is still in the primary stage, similar to the Baidu Network Alliance Network Alliance and the Google Adsense, Sogou Sogou alliance, YAHOO Yahoo Publisher Network. These alliances do not publish their own promotional information, mainly rely on a large union website display promotional information to help business owners to achieve marketing objectives.

auction is the fastest way to make money, a week or so will be able to operate. I believe a lot of people have been through the search for the auction began his fortune trip. Search bidding done, we certainly want more traffic, lower click price. Very happy, can satisfy people’s needs for network alliance.

is a relatively high-end auction auction network technology, can let you flow more than 10 times magnification. Technology home, click the price is lower than the search price, the higher the return on investment than the search price. At the same time, malicious clicks and so on less annoying. With a simple word WebUnion is by low investment, low cost lever principle to make money the best Wangzhuan technology! There are many opportunities to make money in our life, there are many opportunities, often because we wait, once again missed the opportunity to change his fate of


enrollment object:

1 small and medium-sized business owners network marketing manager, brand management and advertising, marketing director, marketing staff of e-commerce personnel.

2 personal webmaster, website promotion, SEO practitioners, etc..

3 wants to start a business on the web, or someone who has started a business. Has been done but the conversion rate is not high, people want to achieve a breakthrough.


network Zheng personally speaker, have rich experience in bidding advertising costs tens of millions. Easy point marketing, founded in 2008. Over the past four years has been committed to the sale of network operators. At present, the marketing business is divided into two parts, part of its own operating products, part of the service enterprise. Up to now, Zheng personally led the team, the operation of the product has reached 40. >