Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan Mobile nternet opportunities in my eyes


Sogou situation is very special, not only at the product level, but also in the circle. First of all, Sogou in the "who is the enemy, who is a friend," the revolution is the most important issue on the chaos, it is difficult to have an ally of friends. The first competitor is Baidu, a Tencent 360360 foreign enemies, but the internal competition is the first 360 Sogou Sogou, but with the parent company Sohu and Sohu group good relations, traditional enemies of sina, Youku also won’t tell you good.

360 users and Sogou almost Sogou revenue is its 40%, the amount of search is its 2/3, are not far away. We rise a little, they fall a bit easily leveled. Old week (Zhou Hongyi) also said that the other have been killed, you do not die, but also the more dry, so I do not play the old week is not traded.

at the product level, Sogou must fight two lines. Other giants in the PC terminal have stabilized their share, holding large amounts of cash, began to do the mobile terminal, including millet has opened his arms to do, but the end of the battle, Sogou PC has not finished, taking into account the development of wireless PC.

although only in 2010, but the growth rate is very fast sogou. After two years of development, less than 2% of the market share rose by a factor of 5, revenue rose by a factor of 15. Sogou revenue is expected to exceed $200 million this year, the number of users in the PC side among the top third, Baidu fell to $fourth.

about the future, there are two issues to consider. First, the pattern of the future what kind of pattern at this stage and Sogou to do?


look from the trend, China’s vision on the mobile Internet has not yet opened, confined to the smart phone platform. Investment is very hot, and even overheating, entrepreneurs have to go to business, but in fact, this understanding is still limited. The advantage of the wireless Internet is that the fragmentation of time can make people’s time longer, but the more profound change is that it can connect people with the Internet more closely, people are part of the internet. Just like the story of "the matrix", you can go to another world, in a network environment to deliver, pull the line back to the real world.

in the future will soon be realized: first, the Internet will be more comprehensive and profound, including the advent of Google glasses, iWatch watches, etc., they will be the whole digital. Second, all kinds of machinery and equipment will also be connected with the network, progress faster than before the PC to the phone faster.

PC1999 began to erupt, to 13 years last year began to be replaced by wireless. With the phone as the center of the Internet connection, it may be only half the time you can evolve into a more comprehensive pattern of mobile internet. By 2019, this simple mode of thinking on the out. China’s three giants BAT, in fact, are doing connection. But the connection is not the service itself, but the concept of a large platform >