Do a good job in five aspects of community awareness of community operations

in the attention and practice, found that perhaps the core of the 5 points, it is possible to determine the quality of a network of community development, as follows:

1 qualification

also can be understood as the location, some sites do not have the potential to develop community, but also of no avail, mostly because of demand: no market or the market is too small; positioning is relatively narrow, the user according to the location you are not Lenovo community; do not have too much focus may. Of course, there are more reasons. In addition, positioning is not to say what I am, but what you do to let others think you are.

2 professional users (opinion leaders)

dedicated community will have a clear and user groups, user groups naturally have an opinion leader, let a small range of opinion leaders / professional users increased, the professional community gradually formed, because of the relatively professional and attractive public users. At the beginning of the development of the community, the problem will be solved by a certain operation strategy, or this is the inevitable course of the development of the professional community. If you have already begun to form a core competitiveness, such as the homogenization of the people are not often said to be serious.

3 community strategy

operation of the community and business is almost a reason, the development of the community is a strategic project, goals, vision, resources, expectations, the development stage, operational strategies are essential. Some people often write out the location, and the community is not written by expression, but by the user’s perception, and the user’s perception is more rely on the operator to guide. The formation of the community by thinking at the beginning of the start-up, step by step guide, implement tactics, could ultimately achieve your goals. Many communities have a lot of chance to develop, but that was a few years ago, the new generation of the community is not so simple, so I want to be clear, as the attitude of the community to do business, at least not too confused.

4 routines (persistence strategy)

any of the company’s market basically is persistent and repeated, the operation of the community practice observation and vice versa. The annual plan will pass over the quarter, but I have a monthly general index, for example: 1-3 month 1 large event marketing, January 1-2 small activities, 1 week 1 topics. This is a continuing project, which will last for the next month. Perhaps some people doubt this practice, why not do creative events subvert the market. I agree with the idea, but the market is a continuous accumulation, and repeat is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change.

5 external communication

only event planning capability is not enough, many companies tend to ignore the external communication channels, or the understanding of this is not deep enough. What is the purpose of our event planning and ultimately we are not internally integrating resources. 80% of the energy input to the newly established community will be in the external, along with the channel, they need new strength; the growth of the community still has to invest in the strength of the; even the mature community, then