Up to invest 100 million yuan into the B2B site Treasure sland

recently, the local venture capital companies into the morning announced that the venture will be the bulk of the domestic e-commerce platform gold and silver island net exchange of 100 million yuan, the first round of investment of not less than $50 million. In the current financial crisis is still spreading, venture capital institutions almost all Wujin pocket, in a cautious investment background, fortune venture capital has gone against the tide and, for the first time involved in the Internet industry, a large single billion yuan, causing concern to the industry.

it is reported that the treasure island network exchange was established in 2004, is the field of electronic commerce in the bright younger generation is mainly engaged in electronic commerce, commodity. Bulk products are mainly used in chemical, oil, steel, plastics, rubber and other raw materials relative to standard products, taobao.com, eachnet.com, pat net C2C website, treasure island net sellers is the factory, traders and other enterprises, is a new model of B2B platform, due to the trading of products are standard the raw material, so it is easier to reach a deal, but single transaction amount is large, so the business development is very rapid, two years ago had been profitable, is currently in the annual growth rate doubled. However, due to the company has been very low-key, reached the venture in the morning before 3 months before the company, and then through the frequent and in-depth understanding of the two sides, the rapid completion of cooperation.

the morning of venture capital that it decisively cast billion yuan big one, is mainly recognized the enterprise management team as well as the simple, diverse and innovative profit model, and is very optimistic about the prospects for the development of new China B2B e-commerce, I believe that with the network gradually standardized and familiar to people, whether it is personal consumption C2C in the field of electronic commerce or the new business mode of B2B electronic commerce, will be in the wake of the financial crisis ushered in a new round of spring.

, according to the morning of venture capital sources, the funds will be mainly used for the integration of mergers and acquisitions related to the size of the site and the introduction of high-end talent. Venture capital also has high hopes for this cooperation, hoping to further strengthen the gold and silver coins through the injection of the industry involved in the current leadership of the industry, and promote the island in the short term to expand the new industry.

industry insiders believe that the financing should be the largest financial crisis in the field of e-commerce financing, I believe that the financing will lead to more risk investment more attention to China’s B2B e-commerce.