Ceng Guolin the sea and sky are boundless entrepreneurial network.

Ceng Guolin to laid-off workers of state-owned enterprises involved in the identity of the IT industry, is the industry known as "death" of the people. Starting from the most basic computer knowledge, Ceng Guolin started a computer company gradually occupy the full space plane design, web design, search engine agents and other fields, achieved considerable success. Ceng Guolin’s experience has made him one of the few entrepreneurs in the IT industry.

reporter Shen Yong and Ceng Guolin (60s net) meeting in his Shenzhen City Spatial Information Consulting Co. Ltd., the fat he sat in the small table on the other side, knocking unceasingly in front of the notebook computer on the fingers, busy head is not up. Ceng Guolin tried to explain a IC project he was planning to reporters, through this project, he claimed that he had problems of profit model can solve the Internet website, the website operators, advertisers, content providers and visitors can obtain profit. Terminology, skilled jump network thinking, reminded reporters: sitting in front of a Shenzhen is an integral part of IT business alliance characters, a young man made the admiration of civilians entrepreneurial hero.

starting from the turning point of layoffs

The story of Ceng Guolin and the edge of the

network in 1999, the fate of initially more or less with some bitter taste. In May of this year, Ceng Guolin was laid off from a state-owned enterprise in Shenzhen, and at the age of 36, he was faced with an important turning point in his life.

in the work for nearly 20 years, suddenly let Ceng Guolin off at a loss, forty years old he is powerless in the face of this choice.

1999 is a near the end of the century era, how to dissolve into the era of economy, so he had to make a deeper thinking: the only way that we must catch up with unconventional modes of learning and exploration, and then gain the chance of survival and development. This led him to set a development goal: learning.

laid off soon, he went to the Labor Bureau re employment center to report, signed up to participate in the Labor Bureau organized the first entrepreneurial class. Through learning and communication to obtain the development of faith and confidence. At this time, according to his own life and hobbies, want to enter the computer design industry, as the beginning of the trial. Through a period of self-study, he initially mastered all the skills of computer design. Soon, with the encouragement of confidence, he began to set up his own company.

a computer to start the business network

Ceng Guolin’s Internet venture started from graphic design, in October 1999, by virtue of his savings of 30 thousand yuan, 70 thousand yuan plus borrowed, Ceng Guolin personally named company registered in the month: Shenzhen City Space Network Technology Co. ltd.. Although at that time the company is registered in the name of two ply, actually he is the only one operator. He started his hard work with his own computer skills.

an office, a desk, a computer, Ceng Guolin at the beginning of the enterprise because of the size of the enterprise is too small, only one person, industry