Taobao forced service providers into the poly spire transaction costs doubled

news January 28th, the day before, insiders broke the news, since February this year, Taobao service providers would be "ordered" forcibly settled – that is to buy the Alibaba poly spire server and database — at the same time, including user name, address, contact information delivery mode must also be adjusted by the poly spire, otherwise it will not get.

the news came out, will soon be recognized Alibaba. On open platform announcement, has announced new rules for poly spire data interface calls.

pointed out that the new deal, calling the R2 order sensitive information electricity supplier service providers (including name, address, telephone number, recipient mobile phone, etc.) but not by fuzzy white list application, since February 10, 2014 from the stone tower must be invoked, otherwise the call results will be fuzzy.


after this adjustment, the new access system application business background must be settled prior to application of poly spire; business background system bind user 5 and 5 above, must be before February 10th into the tower, otherwise the R2 call results will also be fuzzy.

this also means that the vast majority of service providers will be forced to adjust after the policy into the tower, and the use of poly spire to provide paid services.


in January this year, poly spire "friendly" proposed promotional services for service providers, its core product ECS (elastic hosting service) and RDS (data storage service) have cut prices to a certain extent, but on the part of the electricity supplier service enterprise’s eyes, this attitude is not correct as Alibaba like poly spire, always the "strong" iron fist "image.

and the practice of forced access, but also forced service providers will be part of the cost passed on to businesses.

in the billion state power network obtained a copy of a well-known ERP business electricity supplier to offer business projects, according to the customer (business) with its application on a single volume is different, its price is also changed. The large exclusive price, service fee has been more than 20 thousand yuan. It has to pay the service fee in 2014 businesses is difficult to let go. More than 20 thousand feet can buy a set of system software."


a well-known electricity supplier ERP vendors to the seller into the tower quote


ECS (poly spire elastic hosting service) offer

according to an insiders, the price of the same product had basically maintained at less than 10 thousand yuan, now has doubled, mainly settled together spire, the use of poly spire database server hosting and call the total cost.

in this regard, the ERP service provider responsible person explained that the interface is charged to the seller, such as Taobao strategy, as the seller’s technical support, >