Car reviews net experience franchisee Dumen complaints no official response



May 30th news according to informed users to DoNews broke the news that 30 noon, claiming to have joined the site car reviews Baidu’s pull protest banners in the vicinity of Zhongguancun electronic building, on-site protests of car reviews is not reasonable to join the system, the car no official comment any response.

, according to friends broke the news that the protest site is composed of a few car Comments Network Alliance System dissatisfaction with the franchisee, at the scene holding protest banners marked the "car Comments Network abuses substation, XGO substation will soon lose the burn the bridge after crossing it," and "car reviews, who joined. Who lost the light and impassioned slogans.

insiders said, due to the management of car reviews for the franchisee mismanagement caused some local franchisee investment capital, and this is also part of the franchisee to protest car reviews discontent upgrade.

car Comments Network Public Relations Department official said in an interview with DoNews reporter connection, this thing is still in the investigation stage, the event is true remains to be verified, car reviews net official temporarily without any response on the matter.

it is understood that the car comments network was established in August 2007, car reviews owned Beijing leftbrain network Polytron Technologies Inc officially landed in Shenzhen stock exchange board, then in June the same year, Baidu shares official car reviews. (end)