Difficult way to build the station – the official March Download

What did

say? Do download station there are a few months, every day the update is really tired! Originally speed is slow, but also a day. So. Only download upload… Hard for myself, every day at 4 a.m. in the morning, update the website source. The article and so on. Until 8 in the morning to go to school almost every day. So, although tired, but also happy, like that do not know who said that a word: pain and happiness. It seems in line with

first download station because Zola see in 2006, that time should be around October, when Zola has all the local resources, like 4G, the ronin download system, then do not know how, for, with dynamic download, I want to do, but no space…. so I go online to find, one day to see the source of the home (http://s.mycodes.net) has sponsored type space, 1G30 block, only support ASP. He bought a 5G, began to do, but the server is not stable, basically a month after the server is horse, but server management personnel have been made, not to refuse. Later I found that they are liars, because the space for 2 months after being closed, has not opened.Q they didn’t return, then, I thought the initiation of the download station was disappeared, and started to concentrate for my 94n Et.com, then things… We have seen. I BLOG should all know…. rain brother (QQ:7155115) sponsored the 20G space. And start downloading, has officially started


template is with new cloud people… For this broken template, I re installed N times new cloud system…… in March, I found that the speed of the open space is in the chilling. So, decided to start, should be imitating the exact point, at that time love the style of 11K. Zhaolaizhaoqu find source network (http://s.codepub.com) in the style of a good, so after the selected target is started, first from the home, then the content page. Page list. And so on, one by one, because they are DIV+CSS, so I will control a one of the changes. It is actually very simple, it is the connection there for a new cloud label, although it looks very simple, but the original time or eat a lot of pain, because they know in addition to the new cloud label, which is absolutely ignorant of the other. To add a new template cloud exchange group, but no one to help me, really, not one, but I still stay in the group, because maybe one day. People like me, when you need help, I can pull your hand… And pull away. Turn to the question, if not…… slowly… To do, I really do not return to find new cloud functions more powerful. A [ShowRepetend]….[/ShowRepetend] tags, can match the content, O >