My master road series of writing activities

we are a group of people walking on the edge of the network, we like the portal site that has brilliant light, we are not as large emerging brands that have risk investment support and strong backing, we do not even look like small industry sites that have a formal company site.

we silently walk, in the network we have been amidst the winds of change, a silent walker. Spring summer autumn winter, we are the familiar keyboard, with a line of code, in exchange for their own hard work, we share our happy harvest, each described failure of melancholy, word motivation let us continue to walk……

The flight of time

, blink of an eye to 2008. We had a good SP, TAOBAO, EACH and other Internet network advertising situation in time, we also experienced the depression of the network times, Time went by., then please let us again with the familiar keyboard I master down, to pay homage to the us through to

theme: "My Head Road" campaign official:


et PV

organizer: Marketing Alliance

co organizer: ADMIN5 webmaster network, laggards forum, China Station

friendship Sponsorship: shoes network


1, style is not limited to, can be prose, novels, essays, poetry, etc..

2, the theme is not limited, can be described in their own experience, to share the experience of online advertising, review the current trend of advertising alliance.

3, special welcome to the PV marketing alliance recommendations on the current CPS development trends and advertising techniques such as writing.

4, contribution method, the webmaster friends can log on ADMIN5 webmaster network, the forum or the PV Home Forum, to participate in the submission page submission.

activity time:

November 23, 2007 – December 6, 2007


December 7, 2007 – December 23, 2007 popular vote

December 24, 2007 announced the results of the selection

Note: the

on stage all works will not open after the December 7th deadline, all manuscripts will be published, for the majority of owners vote evaluation.

prizes set:

1, first prize: 1 prizes: cash $3000

2, two prize 2 prizes: senior two pairs of casual shoes (worth 800 yuan) >