Broke the news Taobao forced new service settled together spire


] June 26th news billion state power network, the day before, there are a number of service providers to billion state power network broke the news that Taobao issued a notice to its mail, forcing new access service sellers market service providers settled together spire, at the same time, also will cancel all the free version of the application.


information provided from the mail, Amoy seller service platform will do the following adjustments:

first, the new service provider access must be settled together spire; secondly, all new application must access fees; furthermore, the free version of the existing application, must be no later than June 23rd 24 points before the shelves of all the free version. If the violation of the above content, the application will be suspected of unfair competition for freezing 10 days.

billion state power network to understand, the adjustment is not for all electric service providers. In the announcement of Taobao’s open platform, clearly pointed out that the main purpose of goods and orders for the management of the service provider (and does not include Invoicing).

According to the

service provider, the two types of service providers to edit, publish and basic goods and merchandise optimization, order processing, order analysis applications, and software service providers to ERP to Invoicing business does not involve.

in this regard, billion state power network to Taobao confirmation, the other explained that the reason to make these adjustments, one is for businesses to better service, the two is to protect the information security problem.

in spite of this, some data service providers are still showing dissatisfaction. Taobao completely disregard the feelings of service providers. Customers to buy a server, but to be authorized to connect their shops, are now forced into the tower." Said a data service provider to billion state power network, poly spire will upgrade in July 3, the upgraded version replaced the original 2, the technology will force the old version of the update service providers are forced to adjust.

"2 with good, this completely overthrow." The service providers pointed out that before the data is pushed to Taobao VM (cloud host) services, service providers can directly push data to the database outside the tower. The 3 is to push data to a poly spire RDS (remote data service) database, service provider if you download the data from the RDS, cannot be accessed directly through the database, only the development of services in the purchase of the VM interface to read data. Therefore, the service providers must purchase VM host and RDS database, also means that the tower must be.

It is reported that

, poly spire was founded in 2012 July, Tmall joint Ali cloud to create open electricity supplier clouds work platform. On-line within half a year, such as tube easy, E shop treasure, the number of cloud service providers occupy absolute market share of large enterprises have settled. Its coverage of processing orders Tmall 14 million single or so, accounting for about 23.86% of Tmall’s total orders.

in the service provider’s view, from the past open >